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Alyssa Kent Closing The Deal Video Preview

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Alyssa Kent Closing The Deal Preview
Here’s the Closing The Deal VR video preview.

Virtual Real Porn, as we’ve discussed, is releasing some damn good VR thus far in 2019. Rather than repeat the same points, please visit that link if you want further elaboration.

Closing The Deal—starring Alyssa Kent and Nick Ross—keeps VRP’s momentum going.


Well, there was quite a bit of effective sweetspot framing (pictured below): both Alyssa posing solo and during the sexual sequences.

Alyssa Kent naked big tits Virtual Real Porn

Virtual Real Porn stuck this beauty in VR porn’s sweetspot zone

Notice below the sorta camera-hovering perspective during the missionary sequence that simply works well.

Alyssa Kent missionary fuck

Camera hovering missionary perspective.
Click for bigger image

Additionally, the entire missionary sequence was beautifully shot: with Alyssa changing depth and putting forth some genuine porn passion. Props to Ms. Kent on the passion part and peppy, panty-pull.

The sorta squatting-missionary action/framing in the video below is quite effective. Click the little rectangle in the lower right to expand the video.

Alyssa Kent Squatting Missionary Video Example

What did you think of that?

I thought Alyssa’s emotiveness—coupled with the camera framing—was intensely horny and natural. In order to properly praise that type of performance, at one point I wrote a piece called The Authenticity Component. And, props to Nick for some vigorous pumping. I’d be vigorous with Alyssa too, man! Anyway, I think that sample above—one man’s opinion—but, for me that’s as good as VR porn gets given the present technology, FOV, etc.

Alyssa Kent Pic Gallery

Here are some good pictures of Alyssa in this movie.


I’d like an up-close bodyscan during the opening. If there’s a desire to maintain POV, that’s fine…just have it appear like the man stands and walks a circle around the actress.

All things considered, I’m glad to see Virtual Real Porn kicking ass this year.

You can head to VRP’s site and download free previews, see pictures, subscribe, download, and have a generally horny good time.

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