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Eye Artistry

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When I watched Violet Rain’s Bye Bye Babysitter release by WankzVR…I was trying to accurately describe her performance…and, in these 3D movies people always say they want eye contact…a sense of connection.

And, in Violet’s movie, she really did make this type of connection with the viewer: to an unusual extent.

And, I was trying to figure out a succinct way to explain this…so, I said, “Violet exuded emotional intensity through facial expression, eye artistry, vocalization and movement.”

And, I also linked to an article I wrote called The Authenticity Component: which is a way of saying that Violet did a superb job.

I didn’t know her. I didn’t know much about her. But, I did…you know, somebody might think this is overstated or disingenuous. I’m willing to take that chance. I did experience the eye artistry. Something intangible can transpire with this VR medium.

She seemed like a very special person.

When I initially wrote this, I had read that she passed away. I just saw an AVN report that she’s alive but in a coma.

I don’t want to spread inaccurate info.

I just want to say that the whole thing’s just…sad.

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