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Savana Styles Is Very VRgenic

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Some terms coined here catch on. And, some don’t…

VRgenic never really caught on. And, that’s a damn shame, man! It’s a useful term…

What the hell does VRgenic mean?

Well, everybody feels the term photogenic is valid. It means a person—for whatever intangible reasons—looks good in photos.

And, I know what you’re thinking: that it ain’t so intangible…that attractive people look good in photos.

And, while I tend to agree with that…I do think there are some intangible factors at work sometimes. In the words of Madonna, “Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name…and it feels like home.”

Some gals just look photo-gorgeous…and, it ain’t always easy to explain! I’m sticking by this position, man!

Savana Styles is beautiful

You’re a beauty, Savana.

Here’s the thing…along those same lines, there are some women who just come across particularly well in VR: VRgenic.

Savana Styles is such a gal. Her gorgeous gal face in 3D simply works.

Here are a few more things I like about Ms. Styles.

1. A slender woman…yet, a BIG glorious backside! Looks downright divine in reverse cowgirl.
2. She puts a lot of emotional gusto in her fuck action.
3. I’m going to say it again: that beautiful face. If there’s one thing I worship and adore it’s a beautiful, female face.

Pictures and Preview

Savana Styles cowgirl

Bounce Savana….please don’t stop bouncing!

Savana Styles ass

Now, that’s a gorgeous big ole ass!

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