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First Look At Laidhub

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Best Legal Ways For Adults To Get Free Porn

Free porn samples…particularly free VR porn samples…are a must in my opinion. I’ve been saying this for a long time now.

Why are they a must?

There are so many variables with the VR porn experience.

It makes a potential subscriber hesitate—rightfully so, in my opinion—if he doesn’t first know that the quality meets his standards.

I mean…I don’t want to plunk down 25 bucks for a month if I’m uncertain about scale and correct camera proximity.

And, the free samples provide a risk-free way to decide if a paid subscription is worth your money. I don’t mean illegal torrents that offer the full movie! I mean samples that studios give people permission to share.

Free samples will ultimately make a competent studio money.

Lately we’ve been looking at different legal ways for adult fellas to get free porn…in particular free VR.

A Laidhub video page

A Laidhub video page

No Piracy

Now, concerning free porn, as suggested above: there’s all sorts of piracy and torrents going around.

We don’t go that route.

There’s many reasons to oppose it; but, on perhaps the most selfish level: if you want there to be VR porn, the studios need to make money. They need to pay crews, performers, servers, graphic designers, et. al. I mean…it’s pretty simple, right?

So, shows you the best ways you can legally sample the quality of a studio’s work. That way you know if they deserve your sub bucks.

Limited Money

Believe me, I know what it’s like to  have limited entertainment funds. I know what it’s like for those funds to be…real limited.

A lot of dudes can’t subscribe to multiple studios.

Life’s gotten Goddamn expensive these days.

A lot of us have limited porn money. Sometimes you’re scraping it together to pay for a dentist appointment. The good Lord knows you got to get the most mileage for your porn dollar, man!

The paid-subscription VR porn Netflix sites (which also offer free content) need to be evaluated against each other in their own separate article. They’re a sorta complicated category in and of themselves.

Those sites definitely have their strengths, but when the Fleshlight meets the weenie, they’re also paysites that… for all practical purposes…can be conceptualized as a conglomerate studio also seeking your subscription dollar.

They introduce various factors (a particular business model, email sign-ups, proprietary apps, etc.) which I’ll discuss another day.

Enter Laidhub

So, that’s why I’m putting the spotlight on Laidhub.

LH is one of the most no-strings-attached ways to experience porn from multiple studios.

There’s virtual porn from VR Bangers, WankzVR, VRP, VR Conk, BaDoinkVR, StripzVR, CzechVR, Czech Casting and Fetish, 18VR, VR 3000, Sex Babes, MilfVR, NA, Reality Lovers, StasyQ, Virtual Taboo, and many others. And, they have some surprisingly lengthy clips.

So, I do this VR porn reviewing stuff quite a bit, and I’ll tell you: Laidhub is my favorite way to get a big picture overview of the VR porn landscape.

You can sort the content by pornstars, studio, category, length, date and rating.

Sorting by pornstar can be particularly useful.

Laidhub models page Click or bigger image

Laidhub models page
Click or bigger image

Sorting by studio is also a great way to navigate.

Studios on Laidhub

Studios on Laidhub
Click for bigger image

Categories is also convenient.

Laidhub categories

Laidhub categories
Click for bigger image

It’s not hard to recommend something free that will help a fella.

And, this is a free way to figure out what VR porn studio paysites deserve your hard-earned subscription dollars.

Basically, you just load LaidHub in your browser. You can register for a free account. But, what I like about Laidhub is you can get all sorts of porn without registering, giving an email or doing anything.  Although something of a semantic argument: something isn’t truly free if you’ve got to do things that benefit the giver.

Laidhub VR Room

The Laidhub gang also created a VR Room which makes watching their VR clips quite easy.

Laidhub VR room

Easily access the Laidhub VR room to browse through all their free VR porn offerings…
…honestly, this is quite convenient and greatly enhances the user experience

Risk Free

So, my summary: Laidhub’s a no-strings, no-risk, free way to  test out a lot of VR porn along with thousands of free samples from a ton of 2D studios.

Founded in 2017, they now have 4706 VR previews and 8846 2D ones.

Additionally, they have a bunch of free, no-piracy full-length VR releases along with extended-length tube clips. That page right there’s enough to keep a fella…um…busy for a while!

Good luck Laidhub! And, thanks for all the porn, man!

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