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Congratulations Virtual Real Porn On Your Fifth Anniversary

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If you read this site, you already know I’ve been a fan of VRP for years.

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Congrats VRP

And, the good folks at VRP just reached five years in the game.

And, before proceeding, here’s a list of things that must be mentioned:

1. VRP says, “We believe a man is known by the kind of videos he watches to masturbate.” LOL! That’s the best sentence I’ve ever—in this lifetime—read anywhere!

2. Virtual Real Porn has a new deal going…very interesting… 5 VIDEOS TRIAL $5.99/2 Days | Recurring monthly

3. We still have our FindVRporn special: $14.99/month Lifetime

Sicilia Model cowgirl collage virtual porn

Pictured above is Sicilia Model in Sweet Sicilia getting her cowgirl on…
Good release, but I like the solo gal Knowing Sicilia effort more…

4. When you read the article below, you’ll see VRP wants you to vote on which video to remake. VRP, LISTEN UP: KNOWING SICILIA, GODDAMNIT! It’s not called Knowing Sicilia, Goddamnit! It’s just called Knowing Sicilia…a very early VRP release that got my attention, man!

It’s interesting because this release from years back—Knowing Sicilia—was actually kinda-sorta a precursor to stuff we’re seeing these days from ZexyVR and WankItNowVR (two studios, by the way, that I have great expectations for…new article: solo gal vr porn guide part 1)

5. Virtual Real Porn lately has been releasing some serious Asian VR porn…in the past couple weeks we’ve seen a few with Sharon Lee and Mai.

Anyway, concerning VRP’s 5th birthday, I was going to type out my thoughts. But, I think it would be more fitting to share VRP’s understanding of their significant accomplishments published on their blog

Directly below is the article from the VRP blog: (lightly-edited: meaning of article unchanged).

VirtualRealPorn’s 5th Anniversary Party? Hell yeah!

Are you ready for our 5th Anniversary celebration?

Look, there’s some things Google can’t answer. For example, ask Google what’s the secret to success. Sure, you’ll see a few links with success tips. But, you won’t find the fundamental key.

VRP can tell you, however, what we’ve done these past five years to be—not only VR porn’s creators—but also the best studio in the game.

You ready to read what we have for you? Then be sure your phone or laptop battery is fully charged and grab your Oculus Go.

Because, for our 5th Anniversary Party, we’re going to remake some of our best virtual reality sex videos: the ones that helped get your VR headset dirty every single Sunday.

“Once upon a time, there was a 5th Anniversary celebration party where 12 sweet and wild girls had a unique Christmas celebration.”

Our adventure began when we first tried a pair of Oculus DK1 and decided to begin something exciting called VirtualRealPorn.

And, after more than 1.825 days in virtual reality porn, we have much to report. But, as we always say, a VR XXX experience speaks louder than words.

It won’t be a video with a great party organized by sensual Taylor Sands as we did to celebrate our Fourth Anniversary. Rather, it’s an endless celebration. You like it, right?

A celebration in VRPorn like never before!

Virtual Real Porn naked belly pull up tshirt

How did Apple or McDonald’s do it? We don’t know. But we can tell you that our secret is giving our fellow VRporners what their cocks want. And that’s what we’ve been doing since the very first day.

We believe a man is known by the kind of videos he watches to masturbate. Not only do we want to make new versions of all those videos you used to cum with once and again. But also to know which is your favorite.

If you have been with us since 2014, then get ready to have tons of TBT and face the difficult decision of choosing your top video on the site. If you are new, you and your dick are more than lucky; our Fifth Anniversary party comes with a two-day trial with 4 cock-blowing-away videos. Wait, you haven’t heard the best yet, celebrating our 5 years in VR Porn means you get a video for free.

So, think about it carefully; in the end you are the only one who knows how you’d like to cum.

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