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First Look At VR Teenrs

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October 2021 update

I’ve put in the due diligence of Googling and clicking and looking and analyzing and reading between the lines and VRteenrs appears to be rather DEFUNCT and done. That’s a shame because it was a fun spot that had its horny moments. But, we’ve seen a lot of studios go under…and, so it goes…

Update Nov. 25, 2020

Having a hard time figuring out what’s going on with VRteenrs.com…whether it’s defunct or not. Looking on their website, I don’t see any dates or anything. If anybody cares, register and leave a comment on this page.

First looks at VR porn studios are brief glances critiquing a studio’s optical quality and general VR competence.

There’s a lot of factors. And, not everything gets mentioned. If I did these in a way to satisfy my personal sense of thoroughness, they’d run 5000 words. And, everybody would say, “That’s way too fucking much to read.”

Anyway, it’s all taken into consideration.

That time I watched 2 videos from Vrteenrs

So, I watched two videos from Vrteenrs.com: Lovita Fate and Martha. Both solo gal. Both competent. Please note: this teen VR niche studio also offers b/g hardcore.

Hold on, though, before getting to that…

My first impression is that I don’t see any free previews.

If I overlooked them, my apologies. And, I’d be happy to correct this post if I’m in error.

But, I didn’t see any.

I can’t recommend a subscription to any studio that doesn’t offer at least a couple minutes of free VR footage to test.

In my opinion, it’s not necessary that every release has a preview. But, you must give a potential subscriber at least a few minutes of footage to test before you can expect him to shell out €29.95/MONTH. Am I unreasonable in that view? I hope not, because I’ve been saying this for years now.

VR Teenrs website small

Additionally, when you click on a movie’s screenshot (that’s posted on the VRT homepage), it sends you to the JOIN page. I also don’t like that.

And, one thing I really, really don’t fucking like is that when you click the 2 button…thinking you’ll go to the next page of video listings…that also takes you to the JOIN page.

So, if we contrast this to many top-tier studios…let’s use VR Bangers as an example…you go to the Bangers home page and it says: GET FREE VR PORN.

You click that and it takes you to pages and pages of free trailers. If you click an individual video’s title, it doesn’t take you to the JOIN page. Instead, you find yourself at the movie’s page. And, there you’ll find the trailer and over fifty screenshots.

So, I ain’t picking on Teenrs…you know, just stating the facts.

CzechVR offers multiple full-length free downloads to test. Wankz/MilfVR have multiple free, extended length tube clips running in the five/six minute range. Bangers has a free, hour-long compilation. LethalHardcore VR gave away a full-length. Virtual Real Porn has given away multiple full-length downloads.

I mention all of that to support the point. It’s just if you want to be a top-tier studio, these are the things you must do.

Okay, but how’s the actual optical quality???

I give VRTeenrs a 6 out of 10.

That ain’t a bad score. Nobody gets a 10. And, in order to exceed a 6 you must go non-stationary.

What does non-stationary mean?

You must: 1. Switch camera position (distance, even angle in cases) and 2. moving camera (but not too fast).

If you don’t do those things, a 6 is the highest I can give.

And, what VRT delivers—camera-wise—is solidly competent. The VR looks pretty good to my eyes (scale, clarity, etc. etc.).

And, I want to be clear about that. The optical quality here is fine and crosses the necessary threshold for me.

About VRteenrs camera positioning

My criticism—you might disagree—is with camera positioning and method. For me, the sweetspot zone was sorta hit (back of SSZ), but not worked with mastery. The stationary camera positioning didn’t change enough for me. Hell, it didn’t change at all in the two releases I watched. And, obviously there was no moving camera in the releases I watched.

Martha performs a solo gal masturbation for VRTeenrs

Martha performs a solo gal masturbation for VRTeenrs

For instance, Hot Teen Martha looked fine to my eyes. But, you get eleven minutes of the same fixed camera location. Likewise with the Lovita Fate release.

Lovita Fate performs solo gal VR for VRTeenrs studio

Lovita Fate performs solo gal VR for VRTeenrs studio

Competent but not exceptional

But, overall, as I said, the work was competent. No distortion. No wonky scale. Color looked fine. Etc.

And, I notice their VRs feature some women that I and many others greatly appreciate: gals like Vinna Reed, Cayla Lyons, Anie Darling, Mary Kalisy, and Naomi Bennet. The website, among other shortcomings, does not make it easy to see their entire roster. The font size is too small also. And, the movies should show a release date.

Additional stuff for your buck

Now, VRTeenrs does offer some additional value for your subscription dollar. Visitors here are mainly interested in VR. But, the Teenrs page says, “Your VRTeenrs account gives you full access to our network of 18+ premium websites. 9800+ videos already in the library and daily new HD 2D video updates.” So, that’s something else to consider.

In my opinion, at this point, if you can only take one teen VR sub, WankzVR is the way to go. Although I don’t much see WVR self-describe as the teen niche…for all practical purposes…that is kinda-sorta their aesthetic.

Good luck VRTeenrs.

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