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First Look At VR Sexperts

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So, I signed-up the other day to Sex Like Real. I’m still evaluating it. One evident shortcoming—as you’ll soon see—is the lack of studio information and dates. And, one clear strength is access to somewhat more obscure material.

And, a big part of the evaluation is browsing their catalog and seeing what’s available. And what’s not available. And, do I consider it worth the admission price?

So, while browsing SLR, I came across a somewhat mysterious solo gal outfit, the VR Sexperts studio.

Why mysterious?

[Update 1/30/2021: After interviewing Tom of Lust Reality, this VR Sexperts part is far less mysterious.)

Well, this particular Czech-based VR porn studio has tweeted four times: last tweet September 2017. And, their website doesn’t seem very active.

So, I’m guessing this studio is defunct.

Not sure, though. But, I’m leaning towards them being no longer.

So, perhaps this has the quality of an excavation. That’s okay! I find that type of thing very interesting.  Do you?

I think cultural output—yes, even VR porn, man—has a sorta intrinsic right to be analyzed.

Anyway, I watched three releases. And, if these were filmed in 2016/2017, I’m impressed. Actually, if I saw the Lily release in 2016, I’d definitely have been making some noise.

Ms. Lily Peterson teasing in a pink bodysuit for VRSexpert

Ms. Lily Peterson teasing in a pink bodysuit for VRSexpert

This is great stuff for that time period. And, even solidly decent for right now. Yep. I like Lily’s release even by 2019 standards. Some contemporary studios would be well served taking a look at how this release was shot.

As I’ve stated elsewhere, I think solo/teasing routines are the best fit for the VR porn medium. Yes, that’s an opinion, of course. But, you may as well know my bias/perspective. And, I’ve started a Guide To Solo Gal VR series that I need to finish.

So, when evaluating virtual porn, there are many factors.

For a first look, though, I mainly want to determine: does it generally look okay?

And, concerning VR Sexperts …yes.

As suggested, I was most impressed with Leggy Blonde Cums Her Brains Out on Her Toy – Solo Girl with Sex Toys starring Lily Peterson.

Lily Peterson lingerie dogy style

Oh, Lily baby!

VR Sexperts got the distance (sweetspot zone) basically correct. The scaling looked fine. And, Lily delivered a horny clothed tease followed by masturbation session. A simple room. No back story. A beautiful woman whose not just going through the motions. Decent cameras that stay close. Yes. That’s all I’m really ever asking for…

Room for improvement?

Sure, concerning camera methods, there’s plenty of room for improvement. They could try more angles, movement, truncated perspectives, etc.

If this studio is no longer…well, that’s all moot.

But, I noticed there’s not much information online about VR Sexperts. So, I’m glad I wrote this little piece. They deserve to have a few words about them on the Internet. A digital tomb?

Run with the wind,  VRSexperts.

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