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Jewels Jade in a BIKINI!

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So, I was minding my own damn business.

I was plowing along with the time-consuming work of our 10 part Solo Gal VR Porn series. I was writing part 11. And, then I stumbled across…

A Jewels Jade bikini Milf VR porn promo thingy.

Jewels Jade VR porn for Milf VR promo graphic

Jewels Jade bikini VR… I’m in serious danger of of my mind melting to mesmerized mush

Um, solo gal multi-part series, you’re going to have to wait a bit…it’s JEWELS JADE IN A BIKINI!!!!!!!!

11 out of 10 stars, man!

Jewels Jade gorgeous ass

Ms. Jade, could I please have the tremendous honor of…um… worshiping your beautiful ass for a few years?

Well, I should probably watch the No Job Too Big Jewels movie first before giving it a rating.

If you’ve ever visited here before, you know that the solo, clothed teasing, bikini sorta stuff is my favorite. And, I always emphasize that it’s simply impossible to completely remove personal bias from any type of review.

It’s best to just be candid about it.

And, this brunette, ultimate MILF VR bikini stuff…this is why I’m a MILF VR fan, man!

Jewels jade cowgirl with bikini top

Oh, Jewels baby!

Jewels is one lithe and lean yet marvelously muscular MAMA! This MILF is a paradox man! I love paradox MILFS!!!!!!

For this viewer, the best part was the opening. I wouldn’t mind if the bikini antics lasted the entire 45 minutes. Throw in a slowly-moving bikini scan that takes ten minute to complete its revolution around this MILF gal Goddess.

Jewels clearly pumps some serious iron. You like muscles Jewels?

I’m getting my Goddamn gym routine back on track! I’m deadlifting right now as I type this Jewels!

All right…so, here is the extended length Jewels Jade MilfVR preview:

Here are some pictures of Jewels from No Job Too Big.


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