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Kit Mercer Earning Her Reputation

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Kit Mercer MilfVR Pics and Preview

Kit Mercer @KitMercerXXX
Earning Her Reputation
45 minutes
May 9, 2019
By Milf VR

Kit Mercer Earning Her Reputation MilfVR

Oh, Kit… I was wondering…could I…um…maybe help you earn your reputation…please…

So, regular readers know that the MilfVR stuff gets covered here repeatedly.


Well, good-looking, horny MILF gals—like Kit Mercer—combined with close-camera proximity, a good optical experience, high-quality production and…um…doggy style panty posing from women like Kit…of course it’s going to get covered here, man!

Kit Mercer doggy style pullls yellow panties aside

Milf Mercer shows a fella what she has to offer.
“Hubby’s away. What do you say?”

Kit Mercer doggy style

Why yes, Kit, I SAY YES! DOGGY TIME!

Thus, we have another wack-worthy MVR release. Props to Kit for her passionate performance and wonderfully perverse panty-pulling antics!

Let’s just let the pictures and preview do the talking here. Please note that this is the special, extended length tube clip running over four minutes. Also note, that you can enjoy in good conscience as this is shared with the permission of MilfVR.

Also, be sure to notice the missionary depth-switch seen at 3:13. This is how it’s done, son.

Enjoy fellas!

Kit Mercer pink dress for MilfVR

Fabulous face blondie, Kit Mercer, is pretty in pink

Kit Mercer naked tits nipples yellow panties

Now, here’s a gal who looks all sorts of fine in her panties!

Kit Mercer missionary fucking MilfVR

Kit Mercer missionary fucking MilfVR

Kit Mercer legs up fucking MilfVR

Oh, Kit baby! You left your shoes on! HORNY!

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