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Becky Bandini Is Roommating

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You may have noticed there’s a disproportionate amount of MilfVR stuff here.

Why it that?

Because, personally… I like this studio.


Because… each week they consistently deliver a horny release with a beautiful woman that’s shot well. It’s really that simple.

And, this present Becky Bandini Roommating effort is no different.

Becky Bandini Roommating for MilfVR

Roommating, starring Ms. Becky Bandini: a brunette with one hell of a banging body, my brothers!

I mean, this is the sort of gal who absolutely mesmerizes this man mind into a mushy mix. I give you Exhibit A:

Becky Bandini Roommating thong up ass

Oh, Becky baby! Are you out to drive this fella INSANE!

OH, Ms. Bandini. I really do think it’s love this time!

The noteworthy accomplishment in this video is Becky’s naturalness.

There’s no overacting or a sense of inauthentic porn theatrics. She  conveys the genuine joy of fucking. And, I really like the way she talks to a fella. I found this sexual segment to be unusually…believable…if that makes sense.

Here are some additional pictures.

Gal gorgeous Becky Bandini in a MilfVR release

Gal gorgeous Becky Bandini in a MilfVR release

Becky Bandini Roommating in shorts

Hi Becky… you have one absolutely beautiful…um… smile…love the jeans shorts!

Becky Bandini pulls thong to the side

I can’t take it!

Becky Bandini bra and panties

Some gals just look all sorts of fine in bra (pulled down) and panties

Becky Bandini MilfVR cowgirl

Looking good


Great stuff. In my estimation, we’ve got another keeper from MilfVR. Well done.

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