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Lena Paul Entertainment Tax

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Hey everybody,

I saw that VR Bangers has a very interesting Armed Forces Day Special…and, I wanted to say a couple words about that…

And, then I noticed they also have a horny new Lena Paul video…and, I wanted to say a bit about that also.

So, let’s start with the Lena Paul part. She’s very popular and has that sorta girl next door look…that is, if your next door neighbor is some sorta lingerie model.

Her new release is called Entertainment Tax.

Lena Paul Entertainment Tax

Gal gorgeous Lena Paul stars in Entertainment Tax for VR Bangers.
Click for larger image.

The premise is that you’re a big-time tax cheat and Ms. Paul’s the tax inspector arriving to enforce the law.

Let’s get the preview embedded:

Although it’s quick, you can see some moving camera work in the beginning and effective camera hover framing during the missionary.

Now, about the Armed Forces Day Special… I’ll let Bangers express themselves in their own words:

“It is not every day that we realize the extent of the freedoms that we enjoy today, and it’s not every day that we understand at which price these freedoms are available. This is the time of the year when we at VR Bangers respectfully honor all the members of the US Military Personnel – alive and deceased, active and veterans, young and old!

Social Responsibility is a trait that we highly value and support as an enterprise. To honor our Armed Forces, we are offering an Unprecedented Two-Months Free Access to the US Military Personnel at home and around the world as an intangible expression of our appreciation!

And as an act of Social Responsibility, as we run a worldwide Memorial Day Promotion, we will donate 10% of cumulative corporate earnings for the duration of the promotion to a Veteran Support Charity! Right here, on our site, we are also offering an opportunity for our guests and members to make direct additional donations to the charities supporting our Veterans.

Dear Armed Forces members, thank you for our Freedom, thank you for our Lives, and thank you for your Service!”

So, I notice that the best deal in this special is 2 years @ 13 cents a day with 10% donated to veterans. I did some quick math here and that ends up working out to about $3.90 a month …you’ll find that’s pretty much as good as it’s going to get.


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