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Looking for a VR porn Netflix?

A VR porn Netflix offers a selection of 3D porn movies from a variety of different studios. It’s a good way for a fella to get a taste of what’s out there. If this is what you’re after:

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The original title

This article was originally titled as follows: SLR – FindVRporn decides to dispel the bullshit with an actual fucking analysis of this project.

I noticed that this article ranks well in search engines, so I changed the title on January 10, 2021 to something a bit friendlier with less swearing; SLR – FindVRporn provides an honest and rare analysis of this project. I think you’ll see that the fundamental meaning hasn’t changed: just the phrasing. On January 30, 2021, I updated the pricing with the latest information, removed a category, changed category, and refined analysis based upon this and further consideration of the present competition in this “Neflix” sector. On March 2, 2021 I changed the title from “SLR – FindVRporn provides an honest and rare analysis of this project” to “SLR – a FindVRporn analysis.” I didn’t want to pat myself on the back in praising the quality level of the analysis. I also removed some bold text: man, I tend to overdo it with the bold text, man!

Time goes fast in the VR porn industry

Time goes so fast! This SLR review is nearly 1.5 years old! And, a lot has changed in that time both within VR porn writ large and SLR.  The info below is still relevant and the details have been updated. The monthly sub is now regularly $37.99, but that’s presently (on 1/20/2021) marked with a strike-through and replaced by a  $29.99/month price tag. And, there’s a lifetime option for a onetime $699.99: it would appear that the lifetime price tag is normally $1,499 as that too (on 1/20/21) is also presently marked with a strike-through and replaced with the $699.99. SLR runs various sales such as Half off Premium, so—as with most VR porn studios—the subscription price varies a bit sometimes.

SLR’s now releasing their own movies. Their Premium library now consists of a whopping 11,062 videos. Damn! In one bit of fun news, SLR tells me that real spatial audio is coming soon. I see they recently added videos from and Cumtoon (hentai VR porn).

SLR, it appears, has also gotten pretty into the whole VR Cams stuff, which it seems is getting more popular. And, they’re doing stuff with Fleshlight scripts also. And, they have a small but growing collection of Free VR Porn.

Check back here soon for more!

How to test out VR porn scenes for free…from LOTS OF DIFFERENT STUDIOS!

SLR stands for what?

SLR stands for Sex Like Real.

If you click around online exploring the VR porn terrain, it won’t be long before you cross paths with the SLR gang. Along with people bashing the SLR gang.

This SLR project generates considerable controversy and insult.

But, you know what you won’t find anywhere?

You won’t find what I consider an actual fucking analysis of this project.

So, I wrote one. Here it is…


Sex Like Real uses an extraordinarily aggressive marketing strategy that can sometimes disrupt online conversations, seem excessively self-serving, and has a tendency to generate aggravated responses. And, conversely, sometimes SLR’s commentary and information is actually quite helpful and uniquely insightful.

Being honest with you, when observing SLR’s online presence, I’ve found myself thinking sometimes, “C’mon, you’re overdoing it.” And, I’ve also found myself thinking, “Ah, that’s a pretty damn excellent explanation of ______________.”

For me, it’s all about the product

Additionally, when the Fleshlight meets the weenie, I don’t care about their marketing strategy.  I evaluate products. This VR porn space has gotten tough. You do what you have to do.

The truth is VR porn’s still a niche in a niche with far too many competitors for its market size. This is how things get.

So, there’s marketing and bashing…but, ultimately there’s the product.

Truth and bullshit

Findvrporn, like always, is here to separate truth from bullshit.

In the little VR porn enclave and so-called community, there’s often a bad faith foundation behind attacks. I’ve seen that time and again. Hell, you can write-up ideas that inspire the formation of brand-new studios and get called a spammer for your trouble.

So, don’t believe the bullshit. And, my friends, there’s an awful lot of bad faith bullshit out there.

Hell, I remember when VR porn was first getting started. There was Virtual Real Porn, Naughty America and BaDoinkVR. And, as far as non-studio sites; there was us, the virpio guy, Sex Like Real,,  the Oculus NSFW subreddit (back when it was legit) and a bit more: but, not a whole lot more, man!

Sex Like Real has arguably done better than most. There’s a reason for that. Success doesn’t happen accidentally.

And, when you factor everything (including all the technological/transcoding etc. etc. along with info sharing/the help they’ve given studios), they’ve arguably had as big of an impact as anyone.The truth is SLR (along with have probably contributed more than anyone concerning expanding VR porn’s reach and market.

Yes, of course, without the actual studios there would be nothing. And, this website is always expressing gratitude to the studios and stars for their hard work and innovation.

But, there’s a reason so many studios have a business relationship with SLR. There’s a reason—despite the naive attacks you see—that studios pay a commission to sites that send them converting traffic. This is all one big business with multiple, necessary parts.

#Findvrporn likes underdog VR porn studios

And, the truth is…they’ve given a platform to little underdog VR porn efforts. I fucking like that a lot. I ain’t gonna lie. I like a project that gives the little guy a chance.

The truth is…I fucking love that. This world often seems designed to hold everything in place where it is…Interesting/creative stuff very often comes from little indie sources that just don’t have the apparatus to get anywhere.

Netflix of VR Porn?

SLR is a project touting itself as “the Netflix of VR porn.”

And, instead of initially browsing through movies, a good way to first grasp the scope of this project is browsing the library by pornstars (pictured below). You click a particular actress and you can access her work—in many cases—from several  different studios. That’s what makes this project appealing. It allows you to give many different studios a comprehensive exploration.

Pornstars of Sex Like Real

You can browse by studio and a number of other ways.
One way that I appreciate is browsing through the entire library by pornstar.

I’ve had a Netflix subscription for over ten years now. And, while—let’s be honest—most marketing tends to be misleading: describing Sex Like Real as VR porn’s Netflix is actually remarkably accurate: for both good and bad!

Much like Netflix has some great content that more than justifies the monthly cost, there’s excellent stuff it doesn’t have. But hey, you’re paying Netflix like $13 a month: what do you want?

Similarly, Sex Like Real lacks included full-lengths from some of the world’s best VR porn studios. But, it does have a lot of great studio content included in their sub. Honestly, it surprises me just how much great VR is included.

I don’t bullshit you about your money. I always emphasize how a guy must determine if the thing is right for him specifically…and, honestly, it really does surprise me just how much that SLR $29.99 monthly gets you. As of today, that would be 11,000+ movies. Tomorrow, that number will be higher. In my experience, when subscribed to SLR, I was greeted by new movies every day. I mean, I didn’t keep a journal record of this, but it sure seemed like there was new stuff every day.


There’s a popular approach in the VR porn world to periodically take a month sub and then go on a download spree. SLR, though the most expensive “Netflix VR porn” option, will remain compelling as long as they continue to have exclusive original releases and their  attractive curated collection which is massive.

The standout studios for me include ZexyVR (major props Zexy), Virtual Real Porn, VR Bangers, SexBabes VR (very underrated studio by the way), Sins VR (also terribly underrated), LethalHardcore VR (definitely underrated), TmwVRnet, VR Conk (intensely underrated), StasyQ VR, WankItNow VR and a few others. Those are my personal favorites.

Honestly, they’ve also got a bunch of stuff not quite ready for prime time. Yes, indeed. But, that will go with the terrain when you’re an open platform giving everybody a shot. And, as mentioned, I love how everybody gets a shot.

Additionally, you don’t always get every release that the studio offers. You’ll want to take a look for yourself at all the studios they have and how many releases from each.

Clarification about diamond color from SLR 6/30/2019: A green diamond means the whole library is featured in Premium and grey diamond means there’s a partial library. A new development is that SLR now lists the exact number of scenes available in the partial libraries.

And, if there’s no diamond, that means the studio’s scene previews  are available and, in some cases, the scene can be individually purchased. Personally, I don’t find the individual purchase to always be the best value. For example, you can buy the single Virtual Real Porn video Hidden Threesome with Jade Kush and Chloe Couture from SLR for $12.99. Well, you can take a month of VRP for a one-time fixed price and download Hidden Threesome along with over 400 other VRP scenes.

But, if you browse through their discounted section, you can pick up some VR Conk videos for $1.99. And, that’s a great deal! So, the individual purchase aspect is a bit of a mixed bag.

And, if there’s a particular starlet that you’re particularly horny for…then, it could be the right option for you.

In addition to that, you can pretty much download free trailers via SLR from everything they have to offer.

I find the best way to get your money’s worth out of Sex Like Real is to click the PREMIUM link towards the upper-left of the page (pictured below).

Sex Like Real Premium Videos page

Sex Like Real Premium Videos page.
You click the PREMIUM link (see red arrow) to access this page.
Using that link is a great way to get the most out of your SLR subscription.

SLR’s actual negatives

So, all of that sounds pretty good. What’s the negative part of the critique?

I don’t count the online bashing as an actual negative because that’s genuine inside baseball terrain. The average fella is unaware of the back-and-forth bickering of some obscure, crooked little subreddit. The average fella just wants a legit product and good deal.

SLR doesn’t have deep libraries from every studio: but, none of the VR porn Netflix sites do. They all have these type of gaps in their libraries. As I’ve been repeating, you need to look for yourself and evaluate based upon what you want and what you’re willing to spend. There is at least one VR porn Netflix that has them beat on the price by good measure: though, important caveat, subscription prices aren’t set in stone and there are often specials, holiday discounts, etc.

SLR’s got a huge selection of VR porn movies that—put aside the qualitative part and just in a quantitative sense—is considerably larger than the other VR porn Netflix sites. Personally, in order to write the solo vr porn guide, I simply had to take an SLR sub. There’s no other way I could have done it.

SLR’s competition

In my view, this VR porn Netflix model has three main contenders: SLR, (review) and (review). As you can guess, if a fella’s got to pick a single VR porn Netflix, it comes down to evaluating what the VR porn Netflix has to offer and how much money they want for it. It’s really that simple. I know the conclusion I personally reach when running that analysis for myself, but it’s an analysis that each VR porn consumer must compute for himself.

For a VR porn consumer to make this judgment, I encourage you to read the analyses offered right here on and visit the websites: look at their offerings, look at their price tags, and make your decision.

For somebody just getting started with this VR porn stuff, the VR porn consumer must determine what route he wants to go. There are some studios that offer individual subscriptions with exclusive offerings that you won’t much find on the VR porn Netflix sites: examples include Naughty America VR and Czech VR. So, you have to think through which content you really want. Now, for all VR porn consumers—-particularly new ones—these Netflix models (SLR, and POVR) offer a damn compelling and appealing option.

I’d go so far as to say that this model is the best way for a brand new VR porn consumer to survey the VR porn world writ large and most quickly formulate an understanding of what content he likes, what VR porn filming techniques he likes, and some studios that he wants to further explore.

See findvrporn’s curated list of VR porn studios with judgments, reviews and discounts!!

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