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Oh, Ms. Vanna Bardot!

Now, honestly…that’s  a pretty face. I’m just telling you the truth…that’s the sorta face that gets this fella playing the fool every Goddamn time, man!

pretty face Vanna Bardot

If there’s one thing appreciates, it’s a beautiful face!

Now, it appears this release was like thirteen releases ago for LHCVR. And, I have a Lethal sub, but it seems I missed it. A lot of stuff gets missed these days. It’s unavoidable.

So, as previously discussed at considerable length, LethalHardcore VR—for me—is one of those studios (much like SinsVR, Zexy VR, VR Sexperts…) that just doesn’t seem to generate the chatter they deserve.

This emphasizes, once again, to be weary about your overall VR porn impressions if the main info sources are just Twitter, subreddits and some random Googling. Just being honest with you

Because, I’m telling you again, there is some fantastic 3D porn thrusting beneath the radar.

I’ve been repeating that for a while now because there’s some damn good VR getting released into the wild that’s just not getting the level of discussion it merits.

Vanna Bardot missionary stepdaddy style LethalHarcore VR

Oh, Vanna baby!
Vanna Bardot missionary stepdaddy style LethalHarcore VR

And, I try to spotlight this less covered stuff as much as I can. It’s tough these days because this VR porn space has too many competitors for its market size. And, it’s gotten difficult to get by in it.

But, we’re still here. Still long-winded. Still running this exactly in the way that brings personal satisfaction.

For anyone, though, thinking that a site covering VR porn will equal some easy success, honestly…if I were starting now, I’d be looking at another niche. I’d 100% be looking elsewhere.

Now, the thing about Lethal…there’s really three main things:

1. Their subscription includes some fantastic cosplay scenes from sister studio WhoreCraft: a criminally underrated effort. It appears there haven’t been any WhoreCraft fantasies for a while, which is a shame, because—to give one example—their Nina Elle cosplay was mind-mesmerizing.

Nina Elle missionary fucking

Nina Elle in a WhoreCraft VR movie… my mind melted…

2. These Lethal VRs are filmed well. In some cases extraordinarily well. But, in all cases, always with at least baseline, solid technical competence. Some are most certainly shot better than others. But, they’re all worth the price of admission.

3. Lethal also ventures into some interesting and murky psychological terrain.

About this Vanna Bardot stepdaddy release, there’s two main things:

Vanna Bardot LethalHardcore VR

LethalHardcore VR and Vanna Bardot put out a VR that is worth your time…

1. Vanna’s a beauty. But, more importantly, she’s a first-rate porn actress. The expressions and emotion! That’s her distinguishing porn ability.

2. Lethal understands camera placement and shot-framing. And, I love how in some releases they really create a non-static impression via either actual moving camera or shot-cuts that change distance.This second technique, by the way, is something that I feel we should see much, much more of in 3D releases.  This is evident in how the missionary was framed: a master class. Changing distance into truncation, etc. Wonderful stuff.  And, sideways cowgirl with Vanna…superb stuff.

sideways cowgirl Vanna Bardot

Definitely appreciate the inclusion of sideways cowgirl… this is framing that I wish was used more.

And, that’s it, man.
Great, great stuff from Vanna and LHCVR.
I missed this one the first time around, but I’m glad I didn’t miss it all together.


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