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So, I can’t let the WankzVR Star-Spangled Banger 4th of July release pass without saying a few words.

Why is that? And, why does the article’s title refer to this movie as “very special“?

So, let’s just do a list to answer:

1. Ella Reese
2. Lacy Lennon
3. Nikki Peach
4. a red bikini
5. And, one piece swimsuits. What is it about a beautiful gal in a form-fitting one piece that just universally makes the man mind slip into malfunction mode?

Lacy Lennon one piece swimsuit WankzVR

Oh, goodness gracious!

Just go ahead and watch the preview below right now.

This preview is used with full permission from WankzVR. And, here’s the thing…at this point, a consumer already has high confidence that WankzVR will execute the technical intricacies of virtual reality with professional competence. There’s no hype in that assessment. This award-winning studio has demonstrated this facility for some years now.

Ella Reese Wankzvr

Hi there Ms. Reese!

Nikki Peach WankzVR


But, what’s special about this is all the extremely horny swimsuit stuff! So, I cut the preview down to emphasize this aspect. Additionally, the moving camera effect is fluid and fully horny-enhancing.

See for yourself:

Additionally, it sort of goes without say that these are some first-rate performances.This too has been established over the years.

Ella Reese Lacy Lennon Nikki Peach

Ella and Lacy and Nikki

And, the movie’s about 1.5 hours long with the swimwear and holiday fucking and the Goddamn swimwear, man! What more do you want, men?

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