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First Look At iStripper VR

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Find VR Porn Guide To Solo Gal VR Part 12

So, the solo gal VR porn genre continues expanding.

Recently, I overviewed it: the multi-part FindVRporn Guide To Solo Gal VR.

And, I was going through  stuff, and my curiosity was definitely piqued by the ten videos offered from the iStripper VR porn project.

istripper Skye Blue

Skye Blue touching herself for the iStripper gang

So, if you read this website, you know that I don’t think there’s “a best” of anything.

I think that people have personal preferences which often become biases that, in turn, sometimes get presented as definitive opinions.

There ain’t no definitive anything.

You like what you like. I like what I like. Somebody says something is “the best.” I say, “Sure, it’s the best for you.

So, with that caveat dispensed, my personal favorite VR genre is solo.

And, it don’t much to make this fella happy. I’m just being damn honest with you. 

Bascially, if you:

  1. Have high-quality VR cameras and
  2. Get those cameras close
  3. To a reasonably attractive woman
  4. While having the lighting, color, scale, clarity, etc. dialed in properly
  5. We’re good to go, man!

So, that’s where I’m coming from! It ain’t so complicated. You see this cute redhead below…VR porn for me don’t need much more, man! Oh, Leyla baby!!

Leyla Fiore iStripper

Coquettish Leyla Fiore iStripper


I watched the iStripper stuff, and—by the standards—-the iStripper gang is delivering a completely competent product.

The iStripper Basic Formula

The basic concept recreates a backroom private dance area in a stripclub.

The idea is that when a fella’s in a stripclub, he can pay extra loot for some private one-on-one time. 

And, that’s the setting for the iStripper movies from beginning to end.

This works for me just fine. I mean…not a complicated concept, but who cares? It’s a horny set-up lending itself, obviously, to an endless supply of releases: just grab a new gal and shoot.

Each movie is set in the same backroom. Oh, the stories that leather couch could tell!

And, the stripper performs her striptease culminating in a diddle-daddle. Like I said, I find this concept  naturally lends itself to the VR porn medium. I’ve been saying this since the start…since before there were solo-oriented studios.

And, I’d like to see many more solo studios emerge that add twists to the genre.

Check out iStripper Francys Belle below. I ask you…what the hell’s not to like, man!?

iStripper Francys Belle

iStripper Francys Belle

iStripper Gals

The iStripper gang has thus far filmed Elin Flame, The Red Fox, Skye Blue (saw her previously at StripzVR), Francys Belle (seen her at CVR), Leyla Fiore, Valerie Borghese, Li Moon, Inna Innaki, Stella Flex and Liya Silver.

So, these ain’t the most famous porn gals out there, but…personally, who cares? Are they good-looking women who put in a solid effort? Indeed, they are…iStripper’s getting some gorgeous women before their cameras.


I watched these movies on a Quest. And, the general optical experience—all variables—is good. Competent work. Horny work.  If you like conventionally beautiful women stripping/teasing in 3D, this stuff is on the upper-tier of the wackability index.

Is there room for improvement? Sure, there is…


I felt at points the lighting could have been better. There’s all sorts of room for iStripper to explore moving camera along with shot-cuts that change distance/perspective. iStripper does incorporate some face close-ups; but, I’d like to see a bit more. And, if the iStripper team watches back the movies in 2D, it becomes evident which sections could  push the camera 18 inches closer. I’d encourage the iStripper gang to explore truncated body scans. There’s endless possibilities for creative cosplay. The movie could even include a customer who pays extra to turn the backroom striptease into a hide-the-salami session.

Leyla Fiore istripper

Oh, Leyla baby!


I like it. This concept was overdue, and I’m surprised it took this long for a dedicated, stripclub simulation studio to emerge. I’ll be looking for future iStripper releases.

You can check out free previews of every iStripper release for yourself.


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