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Flashback – Gracie May Green WankzVR

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July 2019

Reevaluating WankzVR

I found myself feeling kind of curious about reevaluating WankzVR’s development over the years.


I don’t know. I’m a stranger to my own damn self, man.

So, I went back, loaded a 100 GB of older stuff on my Quest, and spent some time revisiting.

And, I found that most everything from the last few years holds up quite well.

Now, like I said, there was a lot of fine work, but one movie I came across sort of packed a particularly horny punch.

Which movie?

Gracie May Green’s WankzVR Scene

The June 26, 2018 release, Where Credit’s Due, starring a very talented porn actress, Gracie May Green.

Gracie May Green WankzVR

Even among a very high-quality catalog, Gracie May Green’s movie particularly stands out…

Gracie really deserves the term actress in her occupational title.

I’m not trying to be amusing when I say that after watching the opening of this movie, I see absolutely no reason why Ms. Green could not play a leading role such as Buffy Summers or—if you’ve seen the reruns—someone like Brenda Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210 of yesteryear. I’m not being facetious. Gracie’s pretty and she can act. So, why not?

Why the Gracie flashback?

Why did this particular release stand out? Why is it getting the special flashback treatment?

The combination of Gracie’s acting and fucking skills; the scheming schoolgirl storyline; and camera positioning (particularly during the extended missionary sequence) merit the flashback.

What does fucking skills mean?

Well, if you watch the movie and find yourself thinking, “Wow. It’d be heaven on earth to be the guy in this role”…that means the gal’s got…wait for itfucking skills, man!

Drama, narrative, acting…in porn movies?

Okay, so for regular readers, you’ve no doubt noticed that I rarely praise VR porn narratives, acting and the like.

The reason is because…well, personally, I frequently find those aspects lacking. Additionally, with VR porn, for me, I’ve had much more interest in optical aspects such as positioning, camera methods, etc.

But, lately the Lethal Hardcore VR movies and their engaging dramatic monologues have really shifted my perspective considerably. They hint at what’s possible. I’m not bullshitting you, here. That studio has a special knack for erotic story/set-ups.

When the acting and set-up is well-executed, the VR porn experience can really gain a fun and riveting element that complements the sexual parts.

Where Credit’s Due Dramatic Set-up

So, here’s the set-up for Where Credit’s Due.

“The studious Gracie May Green is at the top of her class but what’s her secret? This four-eyed flirt has learned how to earn some serious extra credit and as an accomplished academic, you’re part of the equation! You’ve finished your lectures for the day and now it’s time to get hands-on with this naughty campus cutie!”

Gracie May Green VR video preview

And, the first four minutes feature Gracie’s dramatic monologue cajoling the professor to quid pro quo the plumming of her pootanannie for a grade bump. You can watch this opening for yourself in the preview embedded directly below.

Great VR!

Great stuff! I mean, seriously…it’s really not like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s dramatic abilities are superior to what’s seen there. I ain’t trying to be funny, man! I ain’t having a giggle at nobody’s expense. I’m being serious. And, I’ll add, I’m most certainly not saying that Buffy The Vampire Slayer somehow has a greater legitimacy. Let’s face the truth: that was a pretty weird show.

And, I’ll tell you. I don’t expect WankzVR to do this, but I’d find it interesting to see a longer dramatic segment that included the man’s dialogue also. As far as the overblown immersion argumentation, you could just shoot the sexual part in the standard matter and have two-way dialogue in the set-up. Anyway…

One cool thing about WankzVR I’ve noticed is that while they certainly listen to feedback…and, that’s a good thing…but, when the weenie meets the Fleshlight, for the most part they trust their own judgment. Very smart. They understand that there are a lot of expertsdotcom who enjoy playing industry insider on social media: only problem is they’ve never made a nickel in the porn industry and don’t know how to evaluate the actual market that exists in an inconvenient place called reality.

Acting skills make all the difference in VR porn scenes!

But, all of that’s a topic too lengthy for this article. The noteworthy thing is that Gracie’s really quite an actress.

And, all her coquettish schoolgirl and black panty pulling antics hold a fella’s attention! Let Donna graduate!

Gracie May Green pulls black panties off her pussy

Gracie… this is too damn much for this fella’s brain to handle…

And, all of the “my glasses” talk. And, the way the camera’s close proximity and almost erotically-eerie lingering during the last two minutes…you know, this damn well might be the best WankzVR movie I’ve seen to date. That ending has a quality of…a rarely experienced transmission of authenticity.

Slow down world, you move too fast…you’ve got to make the VR porn reviews, laaaaast

Anyway, it’s really worthwhile to sometimes go back and look around for a while.

Everyone’s so Goddamn focused on the newest and the latest…and there’s sort of an unspoken discouragement to linger over things…to revisit…to reflect…everybody wants the Goddamn summary for life. Life doesn’t have a Goddamn summary, man!

Extra long missionary fuck with Gracie Goddess

The other standout section for me was the extended missionary section. This ran for a full 12 minutes! There were camera switches, truncations and depth changes. And, Gracie managed to keep a mind-bendingly horny dialogue going the whole time. It sounds sort of funny to say: but, her fucking was so wonderfully enthusiastic!

Gracie May Green missionary WankzVR

The Gracie May Green missionary was so. damn. horny!

This gal truly merits being called a pornstar.

VR porn at its best. Definitely so damn deserving of a flashback.

She has one other WankzVR performance to date: the November 2018 What’s Yours Is Mine outing with Alex Blake.

What's Yours Is Mine featuring Gracie along with Alex Blake for WankzVR

What’s Yours Is Mine featuring Gracie along with Alex Blake

The What’s Yours Is Mine release

What’s cool about the What’s Yours Is Mine release is that…of course…it costars Alex Blake…also, though, it gives a further opportunity to see some acting range as it’s a GFE (girlfriend experience) story line. And, Gracie is quite believable in that role also. Have a look at the video below.

So, I guess that’s about it. What started out as a curious wank-down-memory-lane turned into something of a Gracie May Green VR tribute. When I was little I dreamed about playing for the Dodgers…life is a Goddamn mystery.

When will we see Gracie return to WankzVR?

I’d say that Where Credit’s Due has a lot of sequel potential.

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