Judy Jolie BFF is DTF Wankzvr

BFF Is DTF starring Judy Jolie

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Studio: WankzVR
Title: BFF is DTF
Actress: Judy Jolie
Length: 42 minutes
Release Date: November 17, 2020
Available files: Smartphone, Rift, Vive, Go, Quest, Gear VR, Daydream, Playstation, Windows MR, UltraHD 6K
Synopsis: After your big breakup, Judy Jolie will get both sides of the story, but today she’ll be more than just a shoulder to cry on. Her BFF broke your heart, but Judy is there to ride your dick! Now that you’re single again, Judy wants a taste and she’ll cheer you up with a hardcore surprise. You’ll split this cutie with your big cock, but will your mighty member also split their friendship forever?

Judy Jolie BFF is DTF Wankzvr

There’s a lot to like Judy Jolie. The movie’s premise is a bit complex, but…hey, it’s a complicated world these days, man.
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Okay, below I’ve cropped the free extended preview for BFF is DTF. Click the square in the lower right corner to expand the video. Click to download this video for free to play in your VR headset.

Best moment: Once again, my favorite segment of this movie was the missionary. In this case—pictured below—it’s a type of what might be called missionary hoverface. Look at the pic and I think you’ll see why I’m using that term. And…love the landing strip, Judy!

Judy Jolie missionary fucking WankzVR movie

Oh, Judy baby! You sizzling, seductive, slinky thang!


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