That's A Stretch starring Gizelle Blanco for WankzVR

That’s A Stretch starring Gizelle Blanco

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Studio: WankzVR
Title: That’s A Stretch
Actress: Gizelle Blanco
Length: 47 minutes
Release Date: December 11, 2020
Available files: Smartphone, Rift, Vive, Go, Quest, Gear VR, Daydream, Playstation, Windows MR, UltraHD 6K
Synopsis: Gizelle Blanco has been busy with her workout and you, like always are late to the party. You’ll be more than happy to watch this curvy cutie stretch so you pull up a seat to be her expert spotter. Gizelle pulled her muscle and needs you to help work it out. As a thank you, she’ll pull on your love muscle and make your pole totally swole! Get the workout you missed and break a sweat with Gizelle.

That's A Stretch starring Gizelle Blanco for WankzVR

That’s A Stretch starring gorgeous Gizelle Blanco for the WankzVR studio.
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Okay, below I’ve cropped the free extended preview for That’s A Stretch. Click the square in the lower right corner to expand the video. Click to download this video for free to play in your VR headset.

In the video clip below you’ll see Gizelle Blanco’s cowgirl style. Notice how much emotion Gizelle expresses during her cowgirling!

Best moment: So, the sex action—across all positions—was shot well: which has been typical of WankzVR releases for some time now. And, readers here know that personally I’m very partial to clothed teasing VR and what gets referred to as Solo Girl or Solo VR porn. In fact, I think that’s so effective in VR I wrote like a 12 part series about it.

So, what I’m getting at is that this movie’s best moments, for me, was actually the Gizelle-yoga-pants clothed teasing segment. I LOVE Ms. Blanco in yoga pants! Watch the clip below for a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Great stuff!

Gizelle Blanco yoga pants WankzVR

Oh, Gizelle!
Oh, Gizelle!
OH, GIZELLE!!!!!!!!!

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