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Stripchat VR – The Basics

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I received an email asking for a VR porn webcam recommendation.

Okay, I say get yourself started with Stripchat VR: it’s simply a legit squad that makes things pretty easy. These folks have established a good reputation.

On the left, click the link that says VR Cams. You’ll see something similar to the picture below.

StripchatVR screenshot

StripchatVR screenshot

How does Stripchat describe their VR offering?

So, the basic idea here is pretty simple. You use your VR headset to have a live interaction with a webcam model.

We’re all familiar with how the old-fashioned, 2D porn-webcam experience worked. Well, this functions in the same way except  the webcam hottie’s a 3D image pressing up against your eyeballs.

Anyway, here’s how Stripchat describes their service:
“We’ve taken virtual reality to a whole new level. Get yourself a VR headset for some lifelike carnal experience, courtesy of our VR models. You won’t be able to tell whether you are in the room with the model or on the other side of the screen. Live cams cannot get any more real than VR porn!”

You know, being honest…3D scenes/movies will forever be an important segment of the VR porn market. But, honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if—say five years from now—the VR cams/augmented reality (webcam models in AR) portion of the market is significantly larger. We’ll see.


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