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Stripchat VR 2023

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VR porn cam veterans still going strong

I received an email asking for a VR porn webcam recommendation. And, I’m updating this because in 2023 there’s more demand than ever for webcam VR porn interactions with beautiful models.

It makes sense. Since the start, consumers have demanded more intimacy from VR porn scenes. Well, this is the natural development of that desire. And, if that’s what YOU are looking for…

Okay, I say get yourself started with Stripchat VR: it’s simply a legit squad that makes things pretty easy. These folks have established a good reputation. They’ve been at it for a while, and they’re still going strong. That tells you something right there! I’ve seen a bunch of these cam VR pornstar applications come and go over the years. And, Stripchat VR stands at the top of our VR porn webcams guide.

Unique selling point

You go there and can immediately get started with VR Sex with Live Girls.That’s the selling point for VR Stripchat. THIS IS LIVE!

I tried it: in the name of science. And, it is so horny having a VR porn webcam visual and dialogue while mutually masturbating. VR Strip Chat delivers the type of erotic 3D experience that you can’t get from a regular 3D scene.

Here’s a screenshot of what Stripchat’s VR porn section looks in August 2023.

Stripchat VR screen capture 2023

Stripchat VR screen capture 2023

As Strip Chat claims, “We have the hottest cam girls streaming in VR to immerse you in VR sex. Get up close and personal with their life size bodies and have the lifelike carnal experience you deserve.” That’s not hype. It’s a fair assessment of the product.

This link takes you directly to the VR porn cams on Stripchat. They also have a lot of 2D cams.  You’ll see the picture directly above.

How does Stripchat describe their VR offering?

So, the basic idea here is pretty simple. You use your VR headset to have a live interaction with a webcam model.

We’re all familiar with how the old-fashioned, 2D porn-webcam experience worked. Well, this functions in the same way except  the webcam hottie’s a 3D image pressing up against your eyeballs.

Anyway, here’s how Stripcha previously described their service. I think it’s still accurate.

“We’ve taken virtual reality to a whole new level. Get yourself a VR headset for some lifelike carnal experience, courtesy of our VR models. You won’t be able to tell whether you are in the room with the model or on the other side of the screen. Live cams cannot get any more real than VR porn!”

You know, being honest…3D scenes/movies will forever be an important segment of the VR porn market. But, honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if—say five years from now—the VR cams/augmented reality (webcam models in AR) portion of the market is significantly larger. 

StripchatVR screenshot

StripchatVR screenshot from a few years back. Strip chat VR has been at it for a while.

We’ll see. Give this a try because VR adult cams add an entirely new dimension to your sextech masturbation experience.

Visit Stripchat Model’s page

Stripchat VR model profile page AliceMyLuv

Stripchat VR model profile page AliceMyLuv

You can visit a Stripchat model’s page and view their profile, videos, photos, and availability. As an example, see AliceMyLuv’s profile above. As you can see, at this time she was in a LIVE SHOW. If you’re a fan of Alice, you could right then pop in with your headset and have a 3D VR porn cam experience live. It’s something every man with a headset should try.


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