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Find VR Porn Digest May 6, 2021

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Kayla Paige for MilfVR

Kayla Paige for MilfVR…
Oh, that beautiful face…

and, also visit the original and best VR porn dollar-for-dollar deal Netflix with the million dollar domain name, VR porn…and, then go visit a few studio websites directly like Bangers and Naughty and Czech and VRP…and…

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By the way…speaking of VR porn Netflixes and which ones are the best…the VRporn gang got their Mama’s Day sale rolling which means this is THE BEST time to grab a month at 40% off, which means you can grab a month for a mere $14.95. Can’t beat that shit, brother… mothers day sale


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Let’s go…

Let’s just talk real casually about the developments and things that honestly have my interest.

Several Naughty America Things

There’s a couple things from the Naughty gang that are definitely on this fella’s radar.

1. Tonight’s Girlfriend VR Site: Yea, this Naughty America branch has got my attention.
Well, VR porn scenes from Kylie Rocket…let’s just stop there for a second.
Kylie Rocket has some DAMN HORNY scenes with NA VR: After School, Dorm Room, Classroom… And, I know a lot of fans will be damn interested to see Kylie do her naked, three-dimensional horny stuff for Tonight’s Girlfriend VR. I mean, I’m interested!

Kylie Rocket Tonight's Girlfriend VR

Kylie Rocket Tonight’s Girlfriend VR

So, you know…I went over and started taking a hard look at this Tonight’s Girlfriend VR stuff…I ain’t going to lie…it’s tough keeping up with all the VR porn daily output…it’s hard, man! So, I should have probably gotten to this sooner, but I did it now…and… DAMN!

But, okay…here’s the thing. For some time, the Tonight’s Girlfriend branch was producing and releasing high-quality 2D porn featuring the big names. It appears in earlier 2020 they started dropping an actual VR scene here and there…erratic output…and, it seems like around the beginning of this year their 3D scenes started flowing with much regularity.

We’ve been 3D treated this year to Jamie Jett, Spencer Bradley, Emma Hix, Sophia Deluxe, Aila Donovan, Ivy LaBelle, Quine Wilde, Kayley Gunner and others.

Emma Hix Tonight's Girlfriend VR

Emma Hix Tonight’s Girlfriend VR

Kayley Gunner Tonight's Girlfriend VR

Kayley Gunner Tonight’s Girlfriend VR

So, for those horny for VR porn’s A-List: you’re pretty much getting it with this Tonight’s Girlfriend stuff.

You can take a month for $30 or a year for a one-time payment of $114.95. I’m going to grab a year of this for myself, because I want to be able to review these scenes this year. No, sir…it ain’t got nothing to do with this shit being fucking ridiculously horny…. NO SIR! This is work-related, man!


I’d say the other big Naughty news concerns their Handy scripts downloadable for free with your membership. What does this mean? The Handy is a sophisticated male masturbation toy and the Handy scripts allow the toy to synch to the suck/fuck action of the VR porn scene. This is what you call taking your masturbation to the next fucking level.

So far it appears they got a script for the Gym 6 and one for Housewife 1-on-1 with Aiden Ashley.

The Gym 6 Naughty America VR

So, the truth is…I’ve been following this since the beginning…and, it’s just telling the truth to comment about how the Naughty gang tends to have a big influence on this whole VR porn realm…
…a very influential organization…and, this Handy sex toy sych stuff is obviously in its early stages… and, unsurprisingly NA is right in the mix…
…all of this is leading obvious to sex robots… but, this is a long discussion…
…and, the thing is don’t forget where AI will fit into this whole thing… I’ve written about this elsewhere…Anyway, Kyler Quinn, Paige Owens, Whitney Wright –> HORNY!

It appears many more are coming soon. I imagine they’ll watch what type of reception these first two receive.

VR Bangers Updates

Coming very soon to VR Bangers is The Stepmother and The Whore starring Crystal Rush…great title, man!

The Stepmother and the Whore starring Crystal Rush for the Vr Bangers gang

The Stepmother and the Whore starring Crystal Rush for the Vr Bangers gang will be released soon

Here’s an embedded preview of the previous VR Banger’s release starring porn luminary Brooke Banner:

Visit VR Bangers


CzechVR Updates

Czech VR Fetish 290 - Fisting Lovely Bum

Czech VR Fetish 290 – Fisting Lovely Bum
May 5, 2021
Featuring Giada Suicide, Sara Bell
Do you remember Sara Bell? Of course you do – she’s the cute girl with love of anal sex. We decided on checking exactly how much can her tight little tushy stretch and asked Giada Suicide to come in and show us. It may not come as a surprise, that she managed to fit in a whole hand, proving once and for all, that Sara can take it all and much more!

The latest CzechVr is Fisting Lovely Bum starring Giada Suicide and Sara Bell

Virtual Real Porn Updates

Kiara Lord Virtual Real Porn

Oh, Kiara…. redhead Goddess!

Sexy Burglary starring Kiara Lord.

Lethal Hardcore VR Updates

This Kylie Rocket scene is out, and it’s good…some vigorous fuck action from Kylie. Not every 3D scene delivers the hump-and-bump with a forceful thump. You get that here…

Kylie Rocket needs a creampie - Lethal Hardcore VR

Kylie Rocket needs a creampie – Lethal Hardcore VR…
I’m sure many a fella would be all too happy to oblige Kylie in her creampie need…

LethalHardcore SPECIAL 40% DISCOUNT!

Stripz VR Updates

If you’re a fan of 3D featuring a solo woman stripping and doing horny stuff by herself, then this studio is for you. I personally pull out my credit card from time-to-time to take a subscription to Stripz VR.

Melena Maria for Stripz VR in LIfe's A Beach 2

Melena Maria for Stripz VR in LIfe’s A Beach 2

THIS IS NOW OUT! And, it rules!  Melena Maria Rya whom I affectionately refer to as Ms. Goddess ass starring in Life’s A Beach 2. Let me tell you: Life’s A Beach #1 with Melena was fucking horny! As is Melena in Pool Party. SO DAMN HORNY

Our homeboy JIMMY DRAWS VR Updates –> Check out Jimmy’s 3D!

Jimmy’s got original VR ideas

Noteworthy VR Porn Specials Discounts Updates

VR Bangers Lifetime for $250! LOVE THIS!
See a whole list of the best VR porn prices and deals and discounts

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