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Chad White, Sarah Jessie, Helena Price, Vina Sky, More

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The submission should be a recent development that connects to the VR porn industry in some way. Findvrporn is extremely friendly to small operations producing virtual porn scenes.

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Recent releases that have already been covered will be skipped. Go back in the archive for those. The archives are a lot of fun. You can lose yourself back there. It’s a better distraction/reality escape than reruns of MTV’s The Real World, peppermint ice cream, or Oxycontin. Let’s go!

Chad White’s Torso Twitter Updates

Let’s start with something fun. I made a tweetie that I thought was very HA HA. Here it is:

Chad White torso

This is Chad White and his torso.
If your torso and stomach region looks similar: congratulations! You are in very good shape and probably quite disciplined in respect to diet and exercise.
If, however, you are like the overwhelming majority of us out here, your torso doesn’t look like that.
And, that’s okay!
But, it’s interesting how the “IMMERSION… NO MAN HANDS! DERP DERP” crowd don’t seem to be troubled that their fat fucking tummies don’t resemble the stunt cock’s 6 pack…
Anyway, Chad has an important place in VR porn history having 3D pumped-and-bumped a TON of A-list 3D  porn gals… going all the way back to early Naughty America VR outings

If you’ve ever spent any time over at the Toxic Toilet, first…my apologies. Good Lord knows it’s a deceptive waste of time.

Second, you’ve no doubt noticed that in the comment threads…in between the nonstop MY APP MY APP DERP DERP  diarrhea spam and the remarks which indicate everyone over there should have actually been the scene’s director, there’s also plenty of DERP DERP MAN HANDS MUH IMMERSION DERP


So, if you’re not quite following, let me explain:

1. The Toxic Toilet is crooked.

2. There’s a VERY VERY VOCAL and idiotic minority that’s always screaming about how if the male actor’s hands are in view, somehow their “immersion” is disrupted…and… that’s BAD! BAD! MUH IMMERSION!

And, the studio that allows the stunt cock’s hands to be visible…that studio SUCKS, man!

I’m canceling MUH subscription! Take that!

And, findvrporn sucks! Ban martian! …I’m going to pretend like I don’t nonstop use findvrporn terms and concepts and like findvrporn didn’t get banned for inventing face fetish VR…

…And, the biggest crime is that I’m not a VR porn director! Lifestyles don’t know shit about VR porn, man! derppity… DERP!

The point is this: there’s plenty of things to derp your derp besides just derp.

Oh, the toxic toilet! Avoid it, please…

VR Porn Updates

Okay, so VRporn has been churning out a ton of scene updates daily. And, as I’ve said, although I do really, really like POVR A LOT for a number of reasons including their complete selection of WankzVR and MILF VR…I do think that dollar-for-dollar, VRporn, imo, does offer the best value in the VR porn world.

I actually encourage folks with conventional-heterosexual erotic-desires who have a bit of spare cheddar cheese to get subscriptions to both VRporn and the always-slick-horny POVR.

So, looking over recent output, I highly recommend you wack, I mean, WATCH Step Parents Evening starring GAL-GORGEOUS-HORNY Sarah Jessie (I LOVE YOU!) for VR Bangers.

Sarah Jessie stars in Step Parents Evening for VR Bangers

Sarah Jessie stars in Step Parents Evening for VR Bangers

That scene is such great stuff.

For starters…speaking for myself…and, I ain’t lying…there ain’t nothing on this earth that makes my man mind malfunction more than a beautiful female face. A woman with a beautiful face can get this idiot to jump off a rooftop with a closed umbrella.

I never said I was Rod Dangerfield!

Sarah Jessie beautiful face

Now, that’s a face that really shines in 3D VR…
Could you imagine Sarah in a VR Intimacy face fetish release.
That would be something!

Sarah Jessie…oh, my fuckness…does beautiful Sarah ever know how to fuck! That might sound odd, but watch Ms. Jessie in porno action, and your first thought in seeing that sideways wildly-swiveling cowgirl action is… SARAH KNOWS HOW TO FUCK, MAN!

Saah Jessie sideways cowgril

Saah Jessie with that insane, boner-busting sideways cowgril action that would just drive a fella ABSOLUTELY BONKERS!

I admit being a bit biased here because I like Bangers cameras, and Sarah is one of my absolute favorites! And, you know, pretty much all the 3D I’ve seen her in has been pretty damn horny. This is also, but the sort of sideways cowgirl: hold on to your Fleshlight, man!

Oh, Sarah baby! Beautiful face, beautiful tits, beautiful ass: that’s the trifecta!

Check out this video preview:

Please note that this scene and a shit-ton more that are all of similar high-quality are available from VR Bangers, which has a special that I like A LOT: lifetime for $250! I LOVE THAT!

The other new VRporn release that will give your F-light a workout is one by Real Jam VR: it’s called The Best Gift for Helena Price.

Horny brunette beauty Helena Price stars in a Real Jam VR scene

Horny brunette beauty Helena Price stars in a Real Jam VR scene

Oh, Helena Price is a fucking beauty! And, Real Jam is doing a pretty decent job these days.  I ain’t going to lie…I think there’s room for the—let’s call it—general polish of Real Jam VR to…I think the work could get better in a few ways…but, I consider the present quality to be thoroughly acceptable. And, if the female star does it for you, then I encourage you to take a look.

And, gorgeous Helena Price…wait for it…Goddamn does it for me!


POVR Studios Updates

Vina Sky stars in Twisted Sister for WankzVR

Vina Sky stars in Twisted Sister for WankzVR

Check out Twisted Sister starring Vina Sky for WankzVR! Trust me, just go download it.

You know who looks good in high heels and panties with her legs spread? I’ll tell you: VINA SKY!

Vina Sky panties legs spread

Oh, VIna!
I find myself getting…

And, here’s another promo pic for Vina’s Twisted Sister scene. I’ve said it before: WVR does a great job with these concepts/titles/promos…

Vina Sky Twisted Sister promo

Naughty America VR Updates

OMG! These Naughty foursomes are enough to make a fella’s head explode. I went to check their latest and what did I see? Wedding Orgy 9 starring Katie Monroe, Rachael Cavalli, Reagan Foxx, and Sam Shock!!!!

Wedding Orgy 9 for Naughty America VR starring Rachael Cavalli, Katie Monroe and Reagan Foxx

Wedding Orgy 9 for Naughty America VR starring Rachael Cavalli, Katie Monroe and Reagan Foxx

I said, GODDAMN!

That’s one hell of a line-up there! This almost too much for a fella to handle…


Here’s an embedded clip from the orgy!


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