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5 Major Differences Between Quest 1 and Quest 2

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1. Image quality: simply put, if you’re getting this for VR porn use, the image quality is absolutely Goddamn spectacular. I ain’t got nothing to gain by lying to you.

Actually, truth be told, I’d like for an intensely superior, stand-alone competitor to come along and blow this Facebook gizmo into oblivion.

Yea, I ain’t got to make nobody happy. As you’ll see in point 5, Facebook is way the hell too far up our assholes.

But, I ain’t here to lie to you. The image quality of a well-shot 8K VR porn scene is just…NUTS! I mean, the way you can now actually make out skin texture…yea, as weird as that may sound, I did say skin texture. Optically beautiful. That alone merits the upgrade.

2. Processor speed: in some ways, this ties in with the first point. They can complement each other. And, everything—-such as your video player app—loads faster. I’d say my video app (Skybox) loads around x10 faster. I didn’t time it, man. The point is it’s faster.

3. Ergonomics: lighter. Feels better in the hand. I didn’t weigh nothing. I’m just telling you the gizmo feels better…”more premium” to use the fave d-bag expression.

4. Storage: you can get a 256 GB version of the Quest 2…and, that’s what you’ll want because the 8K files sizes are getting fucking huge. Sometimes in the range of 20-25 GB. So, everything will take a bit longer: downloading, transferring to your device, etc. It’s worth it!

5. Facebook up your Fleshlight now: you are forced to use a Facebook account log-in to set this up and have a 3D wack now. One may wonder what the hell a social media account has to do with a VR headset. Yea, I wondered that too, for a second, but then….$. You know the deal, man. You want the stand-alone, hands-free, unattached to PC horny-as-hell 3D porn experience? You do? Well, Facebook goes up your ass. Ain’t no way around it.

Do I think this $400 Oculus Quest 2 merits an upgrade over the Quest 1 for VR porn users?

100% affirmative. Yes.

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