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October 2, 2021

Some VRP Films Coverage is Overdue!

I’ve been following and enjoying the South Hampton, U.K. based VRP Films scenes for a while now. And, it’s damn time that we put down a few words about these good folks. So, here we go. And this page—like all the VR porns studio pages on here—will be a work-in-progress that I come back to and update and fill in some more over the coming days, weeks and years.

Okay, so…

The starting point is that this is a legit studio that’s releasing competent—and, sometimes intensely horny—3D.  And, they’ve been cranking out high-quality VR porn scenes for some time.  As I said, I haven’t discussed them much here, but they’ve been at it for a while now…

For example, I remember going back to 2018 I found the Aubrey Black Taste the Kink scene super Goddamn horny! And, I’m not just saying Goddamn horny insincerely. You folks know that I’m completely vulnerable to well executed solo VR porn scenes.

Taste the Kink Aubrey Black for VRP Films

Taste the Kink Aubrey Black for VRP Films

You can download a free preview of that scene and see for yourself.

I’m not going to cover every last detail in this review because it would turn into a book: but if you want to take a deep-dive into all the variables that are ultimately taken into consideration with these reviews, please see the VR porn standards project.

On Twitter, they say this (in part): “the best #vrporn videos starring #British & #European & #ASIAN Porn Stars.”

Number of scenes/library size/update frequency?

At the moment, October 2021, VRP Films has nearly 100 scenes. They release a new scene every week.

Jenny Wild Bald Pussy invasion VRP FIlms

Jenny Wild Bald Pussy Invasion VRP FIlms

Some VRP Films Performers

So, VRP Films 3D-shoots some of my favorite talent including a large portion of that gang of European beauties that we’ve seen in releases from Czech VR and Virtual Real Porn.

Some of my favorite VRP Films women includes Cayla Lyons, Sicilia Model, Lucy Heart, Katy Rose, Nancy A, Lady Bug, Nathaly Cherie, Shalina Devine, Victoria Puppy, Lola MyLuv, you get the idea. If you’ve been following the VR porn universe for any bit of time, you definitely see a pattern here.

As for me, I fucking love this particular Euro stable of Goddess gals!

Vixen for VRP Films starring Jasmine Jae

Vixen for VRP Films starring Jasmine Jae

Image Quality

I watched some scenes on an Oculus Quest 2. And, they looked optically crisp and realistic to my eyes. Over here, we often say to not get too hung up on the K, but with that said they offer up to 5K.

Price/Value for your dollar?

You can get a year’s sub for £85.00.

What really caught my eye, though, is you can get a recurring month for £8.99. Now, make note that this is going to renew each month. With that said, the £8.99 translates—at this particular moment in time—to $12.18.

I’d say if you like the models they feature and want to see them in some new scenarios with a different studio’s filming methodology, then it’s quite easy for me to recommend you take a month and go on a download spree.

And, if you’re already a member of VRporn…or thinking about it…they’ve got a pretty nice VRP Films collection over there also.

It’s a tough, competitive field these days. And, independent studios are going up against the aggregator (Netflix type sites) that often feature movie downloads from the very independent studio you’re considering. I’m not running a studio personally, but this all strikes me like a challenging sort of situation.

With all of that said, I would reiterate that if you like the women they’re filming then a month’s sub, for me, is merited to get your favorite stars in new 3D footage using a slightly different camera approach while also—and, quite significantly—providing some financial support for an independent VR porn studio…because, we really do need these smaller independent studios to thrive and succeed.

Good luck VRP Films.

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