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StripzVR now on VRporn

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StripzVR scenes are now available on VRporn. Granted, at the moment, there are just 4. But, I do like this trend.

October 14, 2021

The VR porn studio hold-outs

So, correct me if I’m wrong, which is something that happens now and then. But, one of the things I keep an eye on is which VR porn studio websites don’t immediately join one of the VR porn aggregator sites (sometimes self-described as a VR porn Netflix).

I’ve been following this with interest for years now. It’s an interesting business struggle. And, I’ve seen businesses resist and then ultimately succumb. At least that’s how I picture it. I’m filling in some blanks, granted. I’ve got imaginary conversations of tension, argument and counter-argument in my mind.


It’s interesting because it bears some similarity to small, independent businesses that try to resist different sort of macro/globalization trends…the whole noble Mom and Pop business…you might be thinking that I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about! But, don’t I kind of sort of sound smart? What about if I start saying things like “at this price point…” and “value-added“…

VR Porn aggregator sites

The aggregator sites, like VRporn.com for instance, offer movies from multiple studios for a single monthly subscription price. Findvrporn has given its opinion that the VRporn.com aggregator is actually the best value in the VR porn space. Notice how I slipped “VR porn space” in there! That sounds…sophisticated!


Dollar for dollar, baby

I try to tell the truth. And, I didn’t say that I consider VRporn.com to be the best website. Period. It’s not. But, I will argue that dollar-for-dollar it’s the best value. In other words, I don’t know of another way to get more 3D wack for your buck.


Now, there’s, of course, financial relationships behind the scenes. And, the aggregator—VR porn Netflixes (hate that expression)—will not be able to make available every single scene the studio offers. If they could do that, then what would the point of there even being an independent studio that can still get its own independent subscriptions?

But, the aggregator 3D boobie Hulu sites will have a bunch. For instance, VRporn.com also has maybe 90 or so WankzVR scenes (–> WankzVR review). WankzVR, though, offers 575 scenes on their flagship site. So, there’s still plenty of incentive for a person to subscribe directly to Wankz. But, those 90 WankzVR scenes sure do sweeten the pot for someone considering a VRporn.com sub.

Not that you asked, but my favorite StripzVR scene of all time is…

Oh, my God I fucking love that Natasha Anastasia bikini scene!
Natasha StripzVR shower scene

Natasha StripzVR shower scene


This was supposed to be a short post, Goddamn it…

This was going to be a short post to just say, “Hey, guys! I noticed 4 StripzVR scenes on VRporn.com today for the very first time. StripzVR (–>review) was, I think, one of the holdouts that wasn’t available on VRporn.com and now they’ve got 4 scenes there.”

That’s all I wanted to say.

Am I a stupid asshole or what?

I like all these gals, but I really like Jessy Ruth. I’m a fan of the StripzVR studio, and I find their solo striptease 3D to be Goddamn horny (–> guide to solo VR porn).

It’s always kind of lame to pick out one girl when there’s a bunch of them listed, but I am not some sort of definitive person. I’m just ONE GUY! And, I already conceded I was a stupid asshole!

I’ll be honest. I always like the Mom and Pop shop model, but I’ll be totally straight with you: I’m hoping more StripzVR scenes do come to VRporn because my Stripz sub ran out a little while back.
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