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The Introduction of WankzVR NFTs

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So, it’s tempting to pretend that I understand everything, but…that’s not true. And, I’m just learning now about what NFT means.

VR porn NFT?

What does NFT mean?

It means non-fungible tokens.

And, what does THAT mean?

WankzVR’s Announcement

Okay, first let’s allow the Wankz gang to explain their new promotion in their own words:

“We are excited to announce the creation and minting of an exclusive line of WankzVR NFTs! This Official NFT content celebrates some of WankzVR’s finest moments and to start things off, we’ve made six (6) exclusive NFTs depicting our most popular scenes of all time.

As a thanks to our loyal community, we will be opening up a free giveaway and registration for our active members and AirDrop our collectable NFTs to a lucky few… For free!

Starting today, active members at WankzVR can register to enter our Official WankzVR NFT Giveaway. Participants will require a compatible Ethereum wallet via Polygon to take part in our special giveaway, a full, active WankzVR membership (Trial Members excluded) and a reliable email address.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a fun and visual way to enter the world of crypto AND take your porn collection to a whole new level. Many notable brands and celebrities have minted their own NFT content, some with special perks. As a leader in Adult VR it was time WankzVR did the same. Those in possession of Official WankzVR NFTs will also receive other perks and access to special events starting as early as November 2021. Stay tuned for more announcements.

This is your chance to celebrate your favorite VR porn AND enter the metaverse with your own digital collectible; verified and forever part of the blockchain. Blend realities and immerse yourself in the digital world with top VR pornstars and WankzVR.”

Which ones are the first 6 exclusive NFTs?

Loving Melody | Melody Marks

Better Late Than Wetter | Lena Anderson

Hard Up For Cash | Kyler Quinn

The Sixxth Estate | Savannah Sixx

Working Up An Appetite | Haley Reed

Laid In Full | Alex Blake and Lena Anderson

Okay, so what do I make of this?

Well, life and technology fucking fly past me all the time. And, sometimes you might look up and think: shit man, what’s this all about?

So, I don’t have any NFTs at the present moment. This appears to be a somewhat new thing. It appears that—at least in this case—the WankzVR NFTs are kinda-sorta like digital trading cards. If you look at the header picture, that seems to be the impression.

I’d say if you wanted more of a deep-dive understanding of this, you’d want to fully comprehend some things like crypto, blockchain, Ethereum wallet, and Polygon. 

But, if you’re not ready for all of that, I do think it’s fair to think of it in the more simplified way I explain below. And, at the very least, it’s a good starting point in your exploration.

The interesting and enticing twist on thinking of this as a “digital trading card” is this part:

“Those in possession of Official WankzVR NFTs will also receive other perks and access to special events starting as early as November 2021”

So, for the time being, I’m going to think of these WankzVR NFTs as digital trading cards that give the owner some special additional perks and benefits. Hell, I just heard the acronym a few minutes ago…that seems to be an okay working definition.

I’d say if you presently have an active, full WankzVR subscription and a compatible Ethereum wallet via Polygon: then, sure…why the hell not enter and have a chance.

If you’re not familiar with Ethereum and Polygon and all this stuff, I’d say a factor might be: Do you like collecting things such as trading cards and the like? This appears to be a technologically new way of doing that.

Go get yourself a WankzVR sub because I’m not sure about the NFTs but I can tell you their VR is HORNY! If you’re unfamiliar with this studio, go read our WankzVR review which is really rather comprehensive and covers them from inception to the present day.

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