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New Dezyred Game Chapter – Womanizer Chronicles

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Ever hear of Dezyred?

Are you familiar with VR Bangers’ VR porn game called Dezyred?

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It’s a well-produced and conceived 3D porn game, Dezyred, developed by the VR Bangers VR porn studio.

If not, read this review:  The Basics of the Dezyred VR Porn Game. After you finish reading, come back and continue here.

Bangers releasing new Dezyred chapter: Womanizer Chronicles

So, this is a short post to simply announce that the Bangers gang has released a new chapter to the Dezyred game called Womanizer Chronicles.

The basics of Dezyred’s Womanizer Chronicles

Become a master of life and live without regrets!

At home, during your work, at the gym, or in the bar – no matter where you go, you will always find a horny girl waiting to fulfill your wildest and deepest hidden sexual desires as the great Womanizer. All the sexiest ladies that you could have dreamt of are now within your reach and you will be able to do just everything and anything you want with each one of them.

Do not hesitate and make it all happen in the immersive virtual reality – finally, live your life the way you have always wanted to with no regrets and like a true king of the world!

Starring: Morgan Lee, Katy Jayne, Cecilia Lion, Angela White, Kyler Quinn, Chloe Temple”

About Womanizer Chronicles’ main character: YOU!

A character obviously played by you – the king and the master of the game, and also – for the needs of our VR porn experience – the master of life, living it to the fullest and without any regrets. No more being shy and introverted – you are the alpha male and you can have any pussy that you want! Start overseeing your life and show everyone that no girl is safe from your endless charisma – no matter if you want to fuck a slut during your working hours, at home, at the gym… or pretty much anywhere else – you just do it, leaving them all breathless”

A Womanizer Chronicles character: The boss played by Katy Jayne!

Katy Jayne Dezyred Womanizer character The Boss

Katy Jayne Dezyred Womanizer character The Boss –> HORNY!

The Boss
Played by Katy Jayne – one-of-a-kind blonde VR porn talent with incredible tits. Inside of our VR porn game she will be a hot, stunning blond MILF with a British accent – and… your boss. But could you possibly imagine a better employer material than her? The problem is that she will have some problems with tolerating your reckless behavior. Will you be able to get something more from her than just team-building activities? Or maybe you will even get yourself promoted if you will only give her everything she wants – perhaps including the things that her man cannot provide her with anymore?”

Some standouts from Dezyred’s Womanizer Chronicles’ flow chart

A few of the possibilities from the flow chart that really caught my eye included: Fuck her hard, get wasted, get busted, fuck her, send a dickpick, go to the gym, get a date, 1 threesome, 3 anal, 9+ hours of gameplay…

What now?

Well, if you like VR porn games then 100% check this out because this is very cutting-edge as far as VR porn games 2021 goes. If you’re VR porn game curious, as they say, you might as well begin your exploration with a high-quality, world class effort like Dezyred’s Womanizer Chronicles.

Rock out with ya cock out and Dezyred away Womanizer style

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