VR Bangers preview of Lola Fae and Vanna Bardot in Obsession

Obsession preview starring Vanna Bardot and Lola Fae for VR Bangers

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Oh, my…teaming up Vanna and Lola in this Bangers scene is enough to make my…um…eh…HEAD EXPLODE! BOTH OF THEM, MAN! I like Lola and Vanna both a lot. Nothing against Lola or anything…she’s awesome…but, I’ve spent more time losing my mind with Vanna Bardot porn and VR porn. I’ve also watched a lot of Vanna 2D.

I’ll tell you something else…if you’re a fan of Vanna Bardot VR porn, VR Bangers has quite a bit of it. And, I LOVE all of it

Here’s the preview for Obsession starring Vanna Bardot and Lola Fae.

And, I imagine you’re going to want to download the entire Vanna/Lola scene…

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