Laney Grey dildo pussy for VR ALlure

Laney’s Beautiful Day for VR Allure

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Well, if you’re even a tiny-bit horny guy, there’s no doubt that you’re nutso for Ms. Laney Grey. God, I love this girl!

And, I want to draw attention to her VR Allure solo scene for a few reasons.

1. Laney Grey is in a bikini.

Lane Grey pink bikini VR Allure

OMG does this Laney ever look fucking HORNY GOOD in a bikini baby!

2. It’s filmed by the VR Allure gang. And, I’m like a broken record, but I’ll say it again: VR Allure (and VR Hush): these studios just don’t get the credit they deserve.

Anyway, that’s enough reason right there.

Laney Grey doggy style dildo

OMG does this Laney ever look HORNY doggy!


Here’s the scene synopsis for this VR Allure Laney in a bikini outing… (I like the sound of that!)

“Summer has a way of turning Laney Grey into an insatiable seductress! Her blue eyes will pierce right through your skin and provide you with the erection of a lifetime!

Watch her pink bikini fall to the ground and witness a hypnotic butt shaking session. This stunning VR porn features long foreplay as well as an enticing chick who enjoys masturbating by the pool right in front of your greedy eyes.

If you treat Laney well, she may forget about her toys and let you in instead. The brunette enjoys dirty talking during her orgasms and cums the fastest when banged missionary style. The goal of this 8K VR Porn video is to see how many times Laney can reach the big O in a row!”

Laney Grey bikini Goddess

Laney Grey bikini Goddess

Laney Grey posing for VR Allure

Laney Grey posing for VR Allure

Laney’s Beautiful Day Preview

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