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Oculus Meta Quest stuck with white 0 on screen

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Note: In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to META…and, everyone quickly adopted this. As for me, my brain just ain’t that nimble, and to me it’s still the Oculus Quest…but, not according to…nevermind…Zuckerberg changed the name from Facebook Inc. to Meta Platforms Inc…and, everybody is calling it the META QUEST now, and I should too, I guess, because that’s what it’s called, but…my brain just ain’t very nimble…but, I’m at least changing/updating the titles in the old articles…findvrporn June 2022

So, my Oculus Quest 2 is stuck with a black screen that’s got the white O on it…what do I do?

…so, the white O, of course, is the Oculus symbol. And, it’s simulating a white face with a black VR headset on (that would be the open, black center of the Oculus O)… am I wrong in interpreting the symbol that way? I mean…I’m not trying to go this direction, but when I look at it, that’s the first thought that comes to mind…

This is the Oculus stadium??

This is the Oculus stadium??

Oculus symbol findvrporn.com alteration

Do you see what I mean? I altered things to show you the parts that my mind naturally fills in…

Anyway, I don’t care about the semiotics of this…actually, I sort of do…why not a more universal purple or blue or green face with a white headset? why leave anybody out? …my Oculus Quest’s have always been white…it would be “more universal” because it wouldn’t reflect any real-life group.

I know this type of talk gets people worked-up.

The thing about #findvrporn is #findvrporn got to be true to #findvrporn which means analyzing and going down some side streets if they sort of have a magnetic pull to them…

And, do you notice how I slipped in the word semiotics?

That’s the inferiority complex at work…

By the way, here’s the write-ups, reviews and how-tos for both Quests. And, by the way, they’re now calling it Meta instead of Quest?? Something like that?? I don’t like it. Who cares…

And, yes.. I KNOW! I know that sometimes you see the Oculus symbol with the colors reversed. In other words, you have a Black O with a white headset, which would reflect a black face with a white headset. I KNOW!

Oculus symbol dark O

Oculus symbol dark O

And, if I’m just totally getting this wrong…let me know in the comments.

It seems that many feel…or perhaps Oculus said(?)…that this logo is a stadium? Now, that’s stupid. They would have been better off using the center of the O as a solid black simulating the mask and then make the sideways O some sort of non-skin, universal tone like violet or lime green and just… oh, nevermind!

I prefer these colors for the Oculus symbol

I prefer these colors for the Oculus symbol… by making it a green face… yea, you get the idea… you’re not skipping reading the article, right?

One of the big reasons my life has been such an utter failure is that I always get pulled down tangents. And, as much as I hate being a complete failure… I ALSO DON’T WANT TO FUCKING CHANGE!

Anyway, how do I get this Quest 2 working again?

In the past, I just held the power button down for an extended period. And, the Quest would usually fire-up, restart and load. But, that’s not working this time. The Quest is remaining stuck with the white O on a black background.

So, I tried the next thing I try which is holding the power button down AND also holding the volume up button. Then I did it with the power button and the volume down button.

As you can see, I’m trying all button combinations.

You might guess that none of that stuff worked, because if it worked, I’d probably not be making this post.

Then, I tried to plug-in the Quest and leave it alone for a while.

That hasn’t worked either.
I’m now getting to the point of this:

What the fuck’s it going to take to get this Quest unstuck?

I don’t know. Let me just keep trying things. It’s never been this difficult before. Usually just those extended button pressed do it.

How I finally got the Quest unstuck

Then the screen comes up with various options and shit. It says,

Press volume buttons to move selection
Power button to select
Boot device
Device info
Factory reset
Sideload update
Power off

So, which of those should I select?

I guessed Boot device.

I guessed wrong. That is not unusual for me.

So, I did the button press thingy again. I’m going to try Power Off.

Note: the key is to just keep on holding the Power button and the Volume Down button even when the white face is flashing on and off the screen.

Okay, I did the POWER OFF option and it did power off. And, it’s telling me that it’s 100% charged.

Let’s try powering on and see what happens. I pulled the power cord. I feel like I should leave this gizmo alone for a minute. Strange how I start thinking of non-animate, electronic gizmos as living creatures…

I hit the POWER button on…

The white face with black mask comes up. It’s starting to take on an ominous quality. And, it’s stuck there.

Nuclear mode might be coming

This might be heading to a factory reset.

Yep, factory reset

Then, after seeing all the cartoony white hands and white arms doing things in the little tutorials you’re forced to watch…it would appear that Facebook’s Oculus set-up—much like VR porn writ large—is a rather white-centric affair…and, look…some won’t like that remark, but I’m not giving you opinion or emotion…it’s really just more a statement of fact: similar to commenting about what the weather’s like outside your window…granted, discussing the Oculus symbol’s symbolness was definitely opinion, but the racial aspects of VR porn—and, they’re changing a bit—but, this is factual stuff…

…and, companies cater to the majorities that they serve…that’s okay! I’m not saying that’s a bad thing! I think it makes sense. But, more importantly: it’s probably unavoidably necessary for survival in the marketplace…

I’d be really curious to see what setting up a Quest is like in a place like China… I bet they use more Chinese looking characters in the animations? Does anybody know the answer to this?


I want to enter my WIFI password… you see, I’m now getting the Quest set-up again, but there’s no onscreen keyboard… so, time to fucking Google again…I’ve truly wasted my life…

No Virtual Keyboard

I’m spinning around like an asshole and there’s no Goddamn virtual keyboard.

I forgot about all the bullshit you go through setting up a Quest

Now you must go to the Oculus mobile app on your phone to pair and all this horseshit… why’s all this shit necessary for a little 3D wack? Then you see on your phone’s Oculus app the “Continue with Facebook” and it all starts making sense…what a “social network’s” got to do with a 3D wack to Brandi Love’s beyond me… well, actually it’$ not..

So, it’s not working on my old phone. So, I’m now getting forced to put the Oculus app on my new Google Pixel 6 so I can “pair your headset to the Oculus Mobile app”, but I still don’t know what Mark Zuckerberg’s got to do with me and 3D Brandi Love???

Will a Goddamn non-Facebook company finally release a Goddamn mobile VR porn headset… people will pay twice as much… there is a market…

I’m actually going to take a break…don’t have enough time for this…why is getting this headset functional so fucking complicated…why is there anything more to it than entering your WIFI password?

A VR porn reviewer can’t be without a headset

I do have a Quest 1 I could dust off if need be…now I’m glad I didn’t put it up on eBay…


I put the Oculus app on my Pixel 6, and went through the rigamarole and blah blah blah the Quest 2 is working again. I hope it doesn’t get stuck on that Goddamn O screen again.

The End.

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