Karma and Punishment VR Bangers with Karma Rx preview

Karma and Punishment VR Bangers

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So, I saw a recent Karma Rx post on Twitter where she asks: Would you date someone in my profession? Why or why not?”

That’s an interesting question, but two things:

1. There’s the presumption that someone in her profession would date me in the first place.

2. I’m an antisocial misfit.

Another thing I get a kick out of is this self-description: “I’m an aging hoe with no real redeeming qualities. I want my entire body to be a weapon.”

So, anyway, we’ve discussed Karma Rx on here before. She engages well with the VR camera. I’d also add that if you’re a hardcore 3D Karma Rx fan, you check out her Evil Eye scene which I bet went under your radar. That scene has technical problems…BUT, at the same time, it captures a certain hornyness that’s often missed by the more accomplished studios.

Anyway, I want to mention Karma Rx’s new VR Bangers scene called Karma and Punishment. The basic gist of the production goes like this: “…you will feel dominated and punished by her the way you want… and possibly even need. Karma Rx likes when it gets rough and she was a perfect choice of this hardcore scene…”

Here’s the preview embedded for Karma Rx’s new VR Bangers scene:

Download Karma and Punishment from VR Bangers

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