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What’s up with Virtual Real Porn at the start of 2022?

Basically, VRP found their groove a while back and the work is consistently good. You can  read my Virtual Real Porn review which gets into their history and present and future. But, with that said, I do like to periodically touch base with the VRP gang to see what’s up.

Anyway, I should check in with Virtual Real Porn more often because people come to this site and stay on it and click around for a while…and, I do think if you do that you can get a pretty damn good idea about the present state (and history of) the 3D porn industry.

Anyway, enough chatter. Let’s get some VRP previews in this motherfucker already.

No Labels in Football starring Lady Gang, Anna Khara and Michael Fly

“Lovely babes Lady Gang and Anna Khara come over to watch the latest football game with you, filling the day with fun and anticipation. During halftime, the blonde and brunette hotties let their hands roam while talking dirty, making your member harden. Lady unzips your pants, and the two sexy babes take turns giving you a blowjob before Anna rides you in cowgirl, her natural tits bouncing. The three of you enjoy various positions, from reverse cowgirl to doggy and missionary, filling the room with lustful moans. When you cum, Lady continues to give you a handjob while Anna licks up your cream.”

The Perfect Gift starring Moona Snake and Michael Fly

“For your anniversary, you bought a black dress for your girlfriend Moona Snake but also thought to give her a naughty surprise. With a bow tied to the tip of your stiff rod, you welcome your glamorous gal into the bedroom, and she immediately shows her appreciation for your gifts. Moona talks dirty to you first before giving you a pleasing blowjob and letting you pound her wet slit in doggy. After stripping your clothes off, you make love to Moona in missionary until she decides to take charge and rides your hardness in cowgirl to end the night.”

Waiting for the Doctor starring Sheryl X and Max Dior

Sheryl X is the kind of doctor every man wishes he has. This gorgeous redhead will not only make sure that you’re healthy but will also see to it that you are treated in the most pleasurable and satisfying way possible. After reading your chart, the beautiful hottie wastes no time at all giving you the treatment you deserve. She teasingly shows off her natural tits before dropping on her knees to give you an eye-rolling blowjob. Sheryl then rides on top of you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before letting you bang her on the table. You tirelessly pound the beautiful doctor in missionary and doggystyle before shooting your cum all over her pretty face.”

This is a great fucking time to be alive!
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