Gia Derza It Might Get Loud video preview

Gia Derza VR Porn VR Bangers It Might Get Loud

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#Findvrporn is rather fond of Ms. Gia Derza, and we’re happy to see her back in front of the VR Bangers cameras.

Gia Derza It Might Get Loud video preview for VR Bangers VR porn scene

Gia Derza It Might Get Loud video preview for VR Bangers VR porn scene

Check out the Gia Derza VR porn video preview below.

In this scene, Gia is the daughter of a famous rockstar. I think, deep down, most of us like the idea of shoving our carrot in a famous daughter’s back door. No? And, seriously…Gia has a beautiful ass! Love it.

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Here’s the scene description:

Have you ever wanted to play guitar? You know, after all, electric guitars are so cool, right? Well, not for everyone.

Inside VR Bangers’ latest VR porn movie with a girl with natural tits, the main character of this VR sex fantasy – a daughter of a famous rocker played by Gia Derza – will not have such a “rocking soul”, and instead she would love to play flute and become the one with nature.

We get that, sure, but since her daddy is making her attend the classes, she does not have too much of a choice – or at least it used to be like that, as today she came to you for her new lesson.

It Might Get Loud inside of this new anal VR porn scene, but definitely not thanks to the wild riffs and loud guitar playing of you and Gia – but more because of the girl’s… other talents. The point is that our super hot curvy VR porn star will come to you today to make a deal – she wants to pay you more than her daddy to make you lie that she is actually attending these boring classes of yours.

The thing is that you are not interested in her cash, and you would love to get something way more precious from her instead – which means her tight little pussy and slutty little mouth and lips. The girl – since she will have no other choice, actually – will decide to “cooperate” with you, and in effect give your dick a whole lot of pleasure. Are you up to make her little pussy rock?

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