Monitoring Foxus Progress

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This is interesting. Foxus, I’ll be following your progress.

What’s the Oculus Quest Guardian?

So, the basic idea of the guardian is to keep you safe. It’s the boundary line that you set-up and see inside of your Quest. When you cross the boundary line, you’re no longer looking at the virtual reality world: you’re looking at your actual world. This is useful because it stops you from running into the wall or tripping over the litter box.

Why would a VR porn user care about the Quest Guardian?

So, the basic idea…you might ask yourself: Why would I want this? I’m a VR porn guy…why do I care about the pass-through being in color and at a better resolution?

Well, although the guardian was created, as mentioned, for safety purposes, it can be used with a different and hornier purpose.

The idea is to use the Guardian boundary to turn the Quest 2 into an AR (augmented reality) device. This can presently be achieved if you fiddle-faddle around with your body location and the guardian location, but it doesn’t work that great. It can be fun because you can see your own body along with the virtual scene…so, you are kinda-sorta inserting yourself in the scene…but, it doesn’t look good.

So, that’s why this Foxus chatter is on my radar.

Now a few things… if this interests you, I’d encourage you to take a look at the article Oculus Quest 2 passthrough now works without boundaries. This isn’t what we’re looking to do, but if this is seeming confusing, that will help to explain it.  Now, in order to turn off the guardian, you need to be a developer. So, you need to set-up your developer account with Oculus. Then you’re given an option in the developer options concerning the guardian.

And, I’d also encourage you to take a look at: Meta Teases Project Cambria’s Color Passthrough in New Videos.

Disable guardian with AR passthrough still active

The objective is to disable the guardian while keeping passthrough AR active. You see, the dream would be to be able to do that and have the AR be in color and true to life.

On this topic, see this Reddit thread: Option for disabling guardian while in pass through home gone?

For me, the Experimental menu of the Quest 2 no longer gives the option to “disable guardian while passthrough home is enabled.”

I don’t think right now there’s a way to do what I want…which is basically to have an invisible guardian boundary with an activated passthrough mode. It’s not that I want the guardian turned off…I just want the guardian line invisible.

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