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How to open a sideloaded app on a Meta Quest?

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Note: In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to META…and, everyone quickly adopted this. As for me, my brain just ain’t that nimble, and to me it’s still the Oculus Quest…but, not according to…nevermind…Zuckerberg changed the name from Facebook Inc. to Meta Platforms Inc…and, everybody is calling it the META QUEST now, and I should too, I guess, because that’s what it’s called, but…my brain just ain’t very nimble…but, I’m at least changing the titles…fuck me…findvrporn June 2022

So, if you’re a pinhead such as Yours Truly…let’s say that you have your Oculus Developer account…and, you have SideQuest set-up. And, you used SideQuest to install an “unofficially approved” app—such as HereSphere—on your Oculus Quest.

Okay. You did it.

Now, how do you actually open the Goddamn new app that you just sideloaded?

You’re looking in your Library and you don’t see it.

So, in the upper right of the library, you need to hit the drop-down menu and select UNKNOWN SOURCES. That’s where you’ll find the new app that you installed via SideQuest.

That’s all there is to it.

I think SideQuest is very useful presently. And, I suspect that in the coming weeks and years SideQuest will be very important…downright crucial…in the VR porn and AR porn worlds. Why? Because there will be a bunch of apps that will be specifically for enhancing/modifying the VR/AR porn experience. And, those type of things won’t get easy approval by the gatekeepers. Well, that’s my prediction.

Happy wacking

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