Thundercock Sex 3.0 from Naughty America

Thundercock Sex 3.0 Black Friday Special

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Thundercock Sex 3.0 is a brand-new, limited time deal from Naughty America. This is a bit of an investment, but you get a fucking ton of Naughty America porn—along with all the “sextech porn“— for your money. Let me explain it to you.

The basics of Thundercock 3.0 Sex special

You pay $49.95 for a month or click “pay annually” and hand over $499.50 for a year. That’s the Black Friday holiday special. The Thundercock Sex 3.0 bundle will be available after this holiday season. But, now’s the time to get the price break on it.

You might be thinking the same thing I am. Something like: that sounds like some hefty cash for a porn subscription. I’m being honest with you. That was my first thought.  By the time I had thought things through and finished reading this article, I understood that this is a great deal for the right person. Why?

What Thundercock 3.0 Sex special gets you?

Full access to the following sites:

  1. Thundercock (Big Cocks & the Women Who Love Them)
  2. Naughty America (you know what this is…they have 815 VR videos)
  3. Tonight’s Girlfriend (The ultimate Girlfriend experience 58 VR videos)
  4. Dream Lover (Dream Lover is a premium software service that allows interactive devices to connect with Videos and VR Videos…this is for people who have the Handy sex toy or various Kiiroos and want VR porn content with 35 sextoy scripts.)
  5. Real Girls Now (This is the augmented reality/virtual reality site/private shows with 29 pornstars)

Here’s a graphic that sums-up Thundercock

Thundercock Sex 3.0 special bundle deal

Thundercock Sex 3.0 special bundle deal

Who’s this deal for?

So, this discount, I think, is sort of for people who know what they’re doing. What I mean is…it’s for people who have some familiarity with the Naughty America brand and sites along with a strong existing knowledge about how VR porn works at its more sophisticated level.

Because, you need to understand that a month of Naughty America alone will normally cost you $31.95. And, the Real Girls Now AR/VR site normally costs you $19.95 a month. So, right there you’ve already justified the $49.95 month price of the special. But, in addition to those two sites, you also get all of Thundercock, Tonight’s Girlfriend and Dream Lover (VR porn scenes with sex toy scripts).

Truth is…this deal is for a person like me. If you have a Quest 2 and a Handy or Kiiroo, this is for you, too. Because in addition to all the Naughty America VR stuff that we’re all familiar with, you’re also getting all the scripted VR movies for Handy/Kiiroo (with Dream Lover) along with all the AR porn stuff (Real Girls Now).

This deal is a bit complex to explain

I hope I did a good job of explaining this limited-time promotion. For the right consumer, it’s a hell of a deal. Even if you just go for a month, you still can’t beat that when you look at how much each of those would cost you separately. But, for somebody to understand why…they need to be somewhat familiar with VR porn and AR porn. That’s just the truth.

Because, you’re ultimately getting access to everything for The Handy or Kiiroo and funscripts along with all the AR augmented reality porn/holograms and all the of the VR porn (Naughty America, Tonight’s Girlfriend, Thundercock) and even all the 2D.

Honestly, this isn’t something for a newbie with a Gear VR. But, if you’ve got a Oculus Meta Quest 2 and the Handy/Kiiroo and you like the Naughty America women/brand and you’re into this stuff, this is a pretty damn good investment that’ll keep you wacking in high-style for the next year.

Visit the Thundercock Sex 3.0 and see for yourself



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