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Blush Erotica VR Interview

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I recently updated the Blush Erotica VR review. The summary: if you like BBW 3D, you’ll want to check this out.

Let’s get right to the interview with these good folks. There’s some interesting stuff here. Wait until you get to the part about the Sinematographer…this seems like a mysterious and intriguing individual! I also learned a new acronym SSBBW. Super-sized, big beautiful woman.

All right, enough out of me…

Update 12/27/22 Blush Erotica’s own dedicated BBW subscription-based site has now been launched: it’s called Congratulations to these good folks on this accomplishment. I will be saying more about this new project soon.

Let’s talk to Blush Erotica VR now

Blush Erotica history

1. When did you folks start releasing 3D scenes?

As Blush Erotica VR (BEVR) we released our first scene in April 2022. We reached out to a couple of VR platforms to find out their requirements and for most, you needed to start with 10 scenes. We purchased the VR camera that we used at the time one month prior and had shot over 10 solo scenes.

Fun fact: Our visionary leader, The Sinematographer, started filming 3D scenes with a very rudimentary VR camera back in 2017, but it didn’t go any further than Twitter. Perhaps we could release these as “vintage” porn. 🙂

Mistress Delicious for Blush Erotica

Mistress Delicious for Blush Erotica

Who’s this Sinematographer?

2. Why do you characterize the Sinematographer as visionary?

The Sinematographer always strives for something more, something different. He has a knack for knowing what should come next for our company and the industry. After working in the industry for a decade, he really knew the trends and personally wanted to see something more sensual and refined in the space.

He had the creative vision to produce scenes in a cinematic style and then edited them in his own way, creating a more sensual experience. He added a voiceover with an erotic story to the scenes to give them more depth. Blush Erotica was born! You can watch or listen (or both) to Blush Erotica and find it highly satisfying.

We had some naysayers before we launched, but found that viewers were looking for this intimate, erotic style and the talent we work with love creating these scenes.

He also started working with 3D adult scenes before most of the industry had heard of VR. He saw the possibilities but wasn’t in a place to move forward with it in a full-site capacity. When he was ready to dive into VR, The Sinematographer identified a lack of body diversity in the VR realm and started creating the majority of his VR scenes with BBW, SSBBW models. We were greeted with incredible positivity and excitement when viewers realized they could watch their favorite talent in 3D!

He also had an immersive 3D VR game created which was inspired by Blush Erotica for which we are finding a home as well as other ideas he is working on for Web3, 6DOF and more.

These are just a few examples of why we consider him visionary.

3. What happened in 2017 that stopped your progress?

The Sinematographer started shooting 3D in 2017 creating roughly 10 VR scenes: Mistress Delicious, Sofia Rose, Alexa Grey, Jessica Lust, and a few others. VR was very new and proved too cumbersome to produce as an individual. Unless you spent $1,200 or more, the average VR experience was that of a view master.

He knew that VR would eventually make its way into the mainstream but being able to convince models and actors to shoot VR felt close to impossible.

Blush Erotica flagship company

4. You folks are connected to a 2D site (of the same genre). That’s your original project, correct? What’s the story behind that?

Yes, our flagship company is sensual hardcore erotica with a sexy story and voiceover blending some ASMR. The Sinematographer enjoyed shoots where the model had free time afterward and wanted to continue shooting. Working with models like; Swtfreak, Bunny De La Cruz, and Alexa Grey who enjoyed being creative allowed him to experiment with a more sensual style.

“I would come home and play around with the footage but always felt like something was missing. I’d go to YouTube and would search for porn music which would often have moans and sexy noises added to a techno mix. This was great for promo, but when I wanted to create an entire scene, the music became monotonous. I then started searching for ANY erotic story that I could find on YouTube and would add it on top of the scene. I had so much fun doing it that as a cameraman who only accepted paid shoots, I decided to offer to shoot for content trade to allow me more opportunities to play with this style,” explains The Sinematographer.

After struggling to find a partner that shared his vision and goals, The Sinematographer’s wife suggested they start their own site without an established production house. The two partnered on a new endeavor, bringing in a third partner to help build the company, together they created Blush Erotica. It’s been a journey for the team, learning a lot as they go and pressing forward blindly at times.

Blush Erotica pornographic goals

5. What is a BE VR scene trying to accomplish?

The goal of a BEVR scene is to provide immersive and engaging experiences for the viewers and showcase curvy beautiful talent they can’t commonly find elsewhere. We want the viewers to feel like the scene was created just for them and in some instances, it actually has been!

6. What makes the scene immersive?

That’s a great question! VR is by design an immersive experience. We have really worked on getting the POV angles right so the viewer feels as if the model is purely there for them, adding ASMR audio when we can… And when there is scripting added to scenes, it becomes even more immersive! The viewers can feel what is happening at pace with the scene. If you haven’t tried VR with an interactive toy, you’ve got to try it!

Lyric Sky posing for Blush Erotica

Lyric Sky posing for Blush Erotica

Consumer reception

7. How have the scenes been received by VR porn consumers?

It’s been an amazing response. To be honest, we thought we would just kind of sneak in unnoticed until we figured out what we were doing but that lasted all of one week. The team took to the comment section and interacted to find out what viewers were looking for. We kept improving the content based on their feedback.

When we first started, we weren’t really aware of POV and in fact, we thought that anything in VR was considered POV, so we horribly misused the term. We’ve had some “learning moments” but we’re finally in a good place and getting lots of great comments. We continue to read their comments and study angles/positions to continue improving our productions.

8. Were there any reoccurring themes that became apparent in the consumer feedback that you mentioned?

Yes, VR viewers are pretty divided on wanting Non-POV content vs POV content. Whenever we post a Non-POV scene we get tons of requests “please release in POV” and some viewers are very passionate about POV-only content. However, there are a lot of these comments in the replies “I like Non-POV” “More like this” and it’s really about making enough content to keep everyone satisfied.

We often receive praise from people who love curvy models. There is a large hole in the market for curvy, BBW, SSBBW models. Consumers are seeking out this content and they want more!

Dani Sorentto for Blush Erotica

Dani Sorentto for Blush Erotica

9. Any plans for more elaborate sets and/or more complex narratives?

Yes! We are constantly learning when it comes to what we know about VR, but we are working with different industry peers to help us discover what’s next. We always want to be improving our offering and throwing in some experimentation as well!

10. How often do you incorporate the voice-over narrative with the solo scenes? I thought that was very effective. What sort of feedback did you get about that?

Thank you! We get great responses from the voiceover narration. Our flagship website Blush Erotica is exclusively 2D video combined with a written erotic story and voiceover.  You will absolutely see a lot more of this in the near future.

Market for BBW VR

11. How substantial is the demand for BBW VR porn scenes?

There is definitely demand for BBW VR porn scenes. Since it hasn’t been wildly available until now, we’re constantly getting requests for different models. We appreciate the suggestions and now have a huge list of models to shoot!

Lily Craven for Blush Erotica

Lily Craven for Blush Erotica

12. Any particular models receiving repeated requests for upcoming 3D scenes?

Luna Lark, Emma Lilly, Avalon Drake, Megan Daw. All with more new content coming soon. Milly Marks, Elisa Mae and Codi Vore are a few models that we haven’t shot in VR but have been requested. We hope to work with them!

BEVR thoughts of other VR porn studios

13. What other VR porn studio did you like in 2022? Why?

Wankz/MilfVR was tops for production. They have great sets with depth and richness and they capture some amazing angles with their talent.

14. What do you think of other solo studios like StripzVR, ZexyVR and VR Allure?

I’m not really sure how to answer this question because they are doing their thing successfully. They produce high-quality VR content and we have respect for other studios doing their thing. We all fulfill different market needs.

15. Is the site live now? It didn’t want to load for me.

No, not yet, it is launching soon! We are in the final stages of QA.

The future of Blush Erotica, body positivity and VR porn

16. What’s in the plans for BEVR in 2023?

With the launch of in November 2022, we look forward to continuing to provide great content directly to the fanbase we’ve been building on other platforms. We will start offering custom VR videos through the new website. We want superfans to have the opportunity to interact with their dream performers.

We currently offer scripting on many of our videos and would like to include scripting for all videos on We also look forward to including more voiceover stories along with VR videos.

We’ve started as a BBW niche studio and as we grow we look forward to offering different niche performers on

Blush Erotica video voiceover smut

Blush Erotica video voiceover smut

17. Do you think that—in the present moment—VR porn has changed society in any way? In other words, do you think it’s had an effect on dating etc. in real life? And, a similar question: do you think it will change society at all down the line…say 15 years from now when it’s become much more mainstream and even more sophisticated?

At the present moment, we believe it certainly has had an effect on some of society depending on who you ask, but that effect has not hit the mainstream yet. It’s something most people aren’t aware of. The future of VR porn will absolutely change everything. VR porn will lead the average viewer into Web3.0.

We are excited to see more people being able to have immersive/engaging experiences with the women of their dreams. As for dating, we see a future where you can hang out at a bar or meet up with people and have these virtual experiences and all of this will be ushered in by VR Porn.

18. Are you folks in any way associated with what gets popularly referred to as “the body positivity” movement? How do you feel about that expression “body positivity”? Is there any type of social—for lack of a better word—activism behind your project? Or is this just providing a particular niche of porn? I understand that terms—at least for me—can feel awkward or insufficient. But, I’m just using the popular language that’s often seen in the mainstream media.

Yes, for sure. Glad you mentioned that because it’s essential to our whole company. The Sinematographer and Stacy Lyle have been in the body positivity movement since the 90s and actually met at a BBW Bash. At his core, The Sinematographer is a champion for plus-size women. He even started a clothing company, getting custom patterns designed to highlight amazing curves.

Our 2D site,, isn’t a BBW-specific site, instead, it is a site for all shapes and sizes of models. We were cautioned that an all-inclusive adult website wouldn’t work. Although we understood that, we still needed to launch the site that we believed in which placed models of all sizes together. We all believe that by working with different types of people, we can genuinely impact “normalizing” talent of all sizes being in mainstream, rather than some sizes being a niche fetish.

There’s that old saying “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” – we have. We’ve put our whole company on it. The best form of activism is action and for us, that’s creating the spaces we believe in. With, it is showing all body types within one platform. In VR, there is a lack of body diversity period, so we have created a space for gorgeous larger bodied models to break into VR. We want all models to have the same opportunities for success, feel valued and know their worth. We hope to help make this impact within the adult industry.

We’ve developed a new tagline: Every Body is BEautiful and we truly believe this.

Thank you, Blush Erotica!

I download Blush Erotica scenes at VRporn and/or over at POVR where they have 56 scenes.

Findvrporn final thoughts about the interview

So, that concludes the Blush Erotica interview. I’d like to thank Blush Erotica for the considerable care, thoughtfulness, sincerity and time that went into answering my questions.

I hope you also enjoyed this interview. I personally learned something…and, I also found it to be thought-provoking. And, if I’m being completely honest, it may have even challenged me in some ways.

In particular, this line got me thinking, “We all believe that by working with different types of people, we can genuinely impact ‘normalizing’ talent of all sizes being in mainstream, rather than some sizes being a niche fetish.”

Yes, this is some very interesting terrain. For me, it opens multiple conversational tangents. I notice BE specified normalizing all sizes in the “mainstream.” I think this is an important distinction.

Concerning porn, I find what we consider to be “fetish” fascinating. Sometimes I wonder about my own aesthetic preferences. How much of it is innate…just who I am…how much of it has been influenced by the lifetime of inescapable media imagery somewhat unique to the USA (for me).

I’m not trying to be profound. I’m just thinking aloud. The whole thing about what we find visually erotic is simply intriguing. The way people get excited by different things.

As long as this interview is…when I read through it the final time, I felt like there were about ten more things I wanted to ask. This site has been criticized for its lack of brevity. That’s the way it’s always going to be here. I’m too Goddamn curious about everything. I just can’t fucking help it.

I’ll end this now. Thanks to Blush Erotica for such stimulating responses.

Struggles of one-man journalism

If you want more of this type of thing, follow me on Twitter. And, if you want more Blush Erotica, follow them. Findvrporn has lasted over 7 years now. Anyone reading this who wants findvrporn to continue producing content like this can assist by linking to the website. And, use our special discounts to support this site also.

Journalism like this that’s truly a solo voice and still manages to get viable traffic…well, for one thing it’s rare as hell, and, for another, there’s a built-in, surprisingly vast structural design that runs through many aspects of life—and, more disturbingly, a resulting mental design—that’s been created to crush it. That’s something I didn’t understand until I experienced it first-hand with this project.

To give just one example, even though VR porn—as an industry with all the accompanying tentacles—is somewhat stigmatized and microscopic compared to mainstream cinema; it still exists in the same American cauldron subject to all the same forces. You can observe how the cauldron bubbles up…the opaque way the different bubbles actually work in tandem…how independent efforts tend to have their character changed…get absorbed…or, are rendered marginalized and unviable and floating solo in some obscure corner of cyber space.

If you want independent efforts to survive—and, God knows there aren’t many left—you must support them. Otherwise, it’s just the absorption of corporate marketing propaganda disguised as individual voices. The way things are going soon all we’ll be left with is corporate bulldozers and very clever propaganda. Thank you.

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