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The BaDoinkVR Interview

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March 2023 discussion with BaDoinkVR

BaDoinkVR has been in the game since the start. And, we’ve documented that here and had a lot of fun watching their work over the years. I’ll skip the usual lengthy, introductory pontificating. Let’s allow BaDoinkVR to speak for themselves in this fantastic interview. After reading this interview, you may be interested in seeing some other VR porn studio interviews that I’ve done. For now, I hope you enjoy BaDoinkVR in their own words below.

Findvrporn: What gave BaDoinkVR the courage to enter the VR porn industry so early?

BaDoinkVR: Porn has always been a driver of innovation and VR porn is no different. We wanted to jump into a challenging and exciting new medium and master it for a more immersive and interesting erotic experience.

From the beginning, there were many interesting challenges and opportunities on the technological and business side that captured our attention.

Findvrporn: How have things worked out?

Our initial intuition was right and after a learning curve full of innovation, trials, and errors, we developed solid know-how in terms of storytelling, camera positions, acting, and audiovisual techniques for VR which are fundamental to be at the top of this very specific area of the adult industry.

Findvrporn: Am I right in thinking the earliest BaDoinkVR scenes were a bit more daring? I remember things like Harley Gets A Tune Up (review) and the wild one with Mistress Minerva (review). Is it that case that there’s not as much demand for those sort of edgier efforts?

Blondie Fesser missionary position virtual reality

Blondie Fesser as Harley in a very early and innovative BaDoinkVR scene 2015.

BaDoinkVR: We’ve come a long way since our earlier scenes, both technically and in terms of finding our audience. Originally, we had all sorts of niches under our BaDoinkVR brand, but since then, we’ve created five specific studios to cater to individual niches.

Findvrporn: Could you say a bit about the other studios?

Sure. VRCosplayX focuses on cosplays parodies of popular movies, comic books, and video games. 18VR is our teen site which includes more hardcore action, anal, and threesomes. BabeVR consists purely of solo and G/G scenes. KinkVR is a great place to go for more specific BDSM and kink content.

Findvrporn: And, what’s BDVR’s focus?

BaDoinkVR caters to a more broad audience and includes a mix of intimate experiences, group scenes, anal, and aspirational experiences. So I wouldn’t say we’ve toned things down or that the demand for edgier scenes has decreased, we’ve just created specialized sites to focus more closely on each niche.

Findvrporn: What is a BaDoinkVR scene trying to accomplish?

BaDoinkVR: The general goal of every BaDoinkVR scene is to provide a technically sound, erotic, immersive, and intimate experience to our members. That being said, each scene we shoot has its own identity. Some scenes focus more on realistic romantic scenarios and focus largely on human connection – eye contact, whispering, and more casual, day-to-day wardrobe choices.

Findvrporn: What else?

We also shoot scenes that focus on glamour and aspirational lifestyles. For example, our scene The Heatwave, starring Valentina Nappi and Sheila Ortega gives the viewers a luxury experience with two gorgeous bikini-clad actresses in a Spanish mansion.

The Heatwave scene beautiful ass reverse cowgirl by BaDoinkVR

The Heatwave scene beautiful ass reverse cowgirl by BaDoinkVR

Choosing the tone of each scene is important when factoring in available locations, the talent we shoot with, and the wardrobe we select.

Findvrporn: What elements are mandatory in every BaDoinkVR scene?

BaDoinkVR: As far as mandatory elements for each scene go, the list is quite extensive. Our members have some fan-favorite positions which work particularly well in VR, including close-up missionary, sixty-nine, and cowgirl.

Findvrporn: Did you know I credit BaDoinkVR with one of the earliest squatting cowgirl hoverfaces as seen in the September 2015 Gina Gerson The Babysitter’s Cunt?

BaDoinkVR: Ah yes! That feels like a lifetime ago now. Thanks for the credit. Looking back on that scene we’re still very proud of the way it turned out. Obviously, we’ve come miles and miles since then, especially with positions and camera placement, but for 2015, it was somewhat groundbreaking.

Findvrporn: What was the most popular BaDoinkVR VR porn scene of 2022? 

BaDoinkVR: In the summer of 2022, we shot a three-part series with a continuous storyline starring April Olson and Gianna Dior which was hugely popular.

Gianna Dior and April Olsen in To Hold and To Cherish

Gianna Dior and April Olsen in To Hold and To Cherish

Findvrporn: Why do you think it was the most popular?

I think our casting choice, intricate storyline, and direction really came together to make it extra enjoyable. Both April and Gianna spent a lot of time working on their characters and their chemistry together is some of the best we’ve seen.

The series focuses on the dreaded summer “wedding season” in which both Dior and Olson both come to town because they have weddings to go to in the area. Old flames are reignited and well, we all know how that goes. We were really happy with the way the series turned out and hope to shoot more continuous storyline projects very soon.

Findvrporn: I know you good folks listen to members closely. Any new member suggestions you’re working on?

BaDoinkVR: We always try to take member suggestions into consideration. Sometimes it’s as simple as a specific position or talent, and sometimes suggestions are a little more colorful.

We got fantastic feedback on our summer series last year and there were plenty of people who asked for more story-driven scenes.

So as well as taking specific positions and actresses into account we’re also focusing heavily on delivering engaging story components to our members.

Scarlett Alexis Behind The Scenes for BaDoinkVR

Scarlett Alexis Behind The Scenes for BaDoinkVR

Findvrporn: What are the Oxxxcars Awards?

We’re holding our annual Oxxxcars awards throughout the month of March in which we ask our members to vote on their favorite VR scenes released over the last year. Each week, we present our members with a different category – best performer, best scene, best newcomer, best threesome, and best original script. The winning scene from each category will be released for free for 24 hours on each Friday throughout the month of March.

Will we be seeing more promotions similar to the Oxxxcars awards?

The Oxxxcars are an annual event for us, so we don’t have any additional award-focused promos planned for this year. We will continue to hold regular promotions and we are currently planning a very exciting multi-part summer series which we will announce shortly.

Findvrporn: What other VR porn studios do you like presently? Why?

BaDoinkVR: VR porn is not an easy thing to do well, so out of the gate, we respect every other studio working hard to get the best scenes they can. CzechVR has always done a great job in terms of video quality. I think a lot of studios piggyback off one another’s innovation, which is part of the reason VR has progressed so much in recent years.

Findvrporn: Do you think that—in the present moment—VR porn has changed society in any way? In other words, do you think it’s had an effect on dating etc. in real life? And, a similar question: do you think it will change society at all down the line…say 15 years from now when it’s become much more mainstream and even more sophisticated?

BaDoinkVR: It’s tough to say if VR porn has changed society as a whole just yet. I think VR is still in its relative infancy compared to what it will look like in ten, five, or even just a year from now.

I’m sure in fifteen years VR and AR will play a role in almost everyone’s lives. Things like long-distance relationships will change drastically with VR cameras and headsets becoming more accessible and easier to use as well as the proliferation of interactive sex toys.

Jewelz Blu Behind The Scenes for BaDoinkVR

Jewelz Blu Behind The Scenes for VRCosplayX

Findvrporn: Do you think the pandemic in any way is presently still affecting the VR porn industry in 2023?

BaDoinkVR: VR porn definitely saw a boost during the peak of the pandemic. I would say that the effect on VR was limited to the first year or two though.

Findvrporn: Why haven’t more major 2D porn companies entered into the VR space by now?

BaDoinkVR: VR is an entirely different animal to 2D. Typically in VR scenes, the camera is static and takes are much longer. In VR, there is much more weight in the actress’ performance and much less flexibility when it comes to editing.

Findvrporn: How tough is it to get started in 3D porn?

BaDoinkVR: The learning curve is steep, and I think successful 2D production companies are reluctant to spend the time and money learning something new when they already have a solid customer base.

Findvrporn: From a business perspective, how has VR porn changed since 2015?

BaDoinkVR: Since 2015, VR headsets have dramatically reduced in price and increased in quality. Now you can get a solid headset like the Quest 2 for less than $400. Naturally, more people have adopted VR porn which is obviously great news. As a result, we’ve also seen an increase in production companies sprouting up around the world.

Findvrporn: Any AR plans for BaDoinkVR?

BaDoinkVR: We’ve been trying a lot of new things lately including shooting with greenscreens. For now, we’re working on creating scenes featuring entirely CGI environments on our sister site, VRCosplayX. We are already looking into VR passthrough scenes but as of right now, hardware is still somewhat limited.

Findvrporn: What are BaDoinkVR’s thoughts about teledildonics?

BaDoinkVR: Teledildonics are super exciting! We have just begun integrating interactive sex toy support for our scenes. That means sex toys like the Kiiroo and Handy (review) will be able to sync up with the action occurring in our scenes.

Findvrporn: How regularly does BabeVR release scenes?

BaDoinkVR: Recently, we’ve had some logistical issues producing BabeVR scenes. We have however consistently resumed production and we’ll be releasing at least one scene per month moving forward. We’re beginning BabeVR production in Barcelona this coming month and we are very excited about the new content.

Alexis Olsen Behind The Scenes for BaDoinkVR

April Olsen Behind The Scenes for BaDoinkVR

Findvrporn: What’s BaDoinkVR have in store for us in 2023?

BaDoinkVR: We have a lot of exciting scenes already on the calendar. But as I mentioned before, VR passthrough and CGI are going to be a big part of 2023 for us. We’re also experimenting with new camera rigs and planning another continuous storyline series for later this year.

Findvrporn: What VR porn developments are you excited about?

BaDoinkVR: We’re always excited about new and upcoming headsets. We recently received the new PS5 VR set which we’re excited to play with. VR passthrough is also at the front of our brains. We were blown away when we first tried it out in the office.

Findvrporn: Is there anything that you’d like for the VR porn consumer to understand about the industry (that’s not common knowledge)?

BaDoinkVR: Shooting VR porn presents many more challenges compared to conventional 2D porn. Nothing is unintentional – camera angles are calculated to present the most realistic FOV, and actress-to-camera distances are measured to ensure optimal realism. Additionally, directing talent is much more difficult because, within a VR scene, we’re very limited on how many cuts we can make.

We’ve spent years perfecting our formulas and we are committed to producing the best VR adult experience for the POV, with bookings that combine the top stars with fresh faces in order to have a rich casting spectrum. That’s why we produce internationally at five different locations: LA, Miami, San Francisco, Barcelona, and Prague.

Also with this, we get a great variation in terms of natural locations and premium sets. We deeply believe in constructing a global experience that feels like real life but with an aspirational angle. An alluring encounter in a beautiful location with natural storytelling, so the whole illusion and thrill feel real.

Findvrporn: Any final words?

BaDoinkVR: It’s been a busy start to the year for BaDoink Studios but we’re super excited to see our ongoing projects coming together. From our CGI environments to our sex toy integration and our plot-driven VR series, we’ve been firing on all cylinders to keep our content fresh and engaging.

Thank you to all of our past, present, and future members for their continued feedback and support.

Findvrporn: Okay, I want really thank you good folks at BDVR for a few things. First and foremost: the incredibly horny VR porn scenes you’ve been dropping for nearly 8 years now! And, big thanks for doing this interview and providing such thorough and interesting responses. I think our readers will really enjoy this one.

BaDoinkVR: You’re very welcome! Take care!

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