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CzechVR’s 12K VR Porn thoughts and plans

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VR Bangers and I just discussed their groundbreaking 12K VR porn release.

Increasing visual clarity is important to the VR porn world for an obvious reason:  what you’re looking at has a greater realism.

But, perhaps the most important reason we need a major K increase is for the FOV (field of view) to expand. And, that’s required to head this fucking thing the Ready Player One direction. The inevitable destination for VR porn is a visual space indistinguishable from reality.

So, the optical part of the equation is everything. And, field of view is everything. Thus, ultimately, K is everything. And, that’s the reason I’ve been spending so much time on these K increasement developments being driven presently by VR Bangers.

In yesterday’s post, you read both my thoughts and VR Bangers’ opinion about this brand new 12K VR porn. Now, I enjoy hearing the thoughts of the various leaders in the VR porn industry. And, any studios who wants to share their views, contact me and I’ll set it up. Also, take a look at the other interviews published here.

I was curious what CzechVR thought about these 12K developments. And, I wanted to know if they have any 12K plans in the pipeline. I think a lot of VR porn folks are wondering the same. I’ve been reporting on CzechVR since their 2015 launch. And, they’ve developed a reputation for being a premiere leader on the optical side of the VR porn experience. So, hell yes…I’m damn interested to hear their thoughts and plans concerning 12K.

So, let’s find out what their CEO has to say on the topic..

FindVRporn: What’s new with CzechVR? Any plans for 12K?

CzechVR: No, it doesn’t make sense right now.

FindVRporn: When will it make sense to release 12K scenes?

CzechVR: Well, there’s not really a headset to play it.

FindVRporn: What about the Quest Pro?

CzechVR: Right, but that’s not for the masses.

FindVRporn: When do you think a device for the masses will be available?

CzechVR: Maybe when Quest 3 and Apple VR come out. 8k post-production is already difficult 12k30fps interpolation to 12k60 fps will be much more difficult. Larger file size and streaming probably won’t work at all. Makes no sense to have 12k and low bitrate.

Apple mixed reality headset

Apple mixed reality headset

FindVRporn: Do you have a Crystal headset pre-order?

CzechVR: No, I’m more curious about Apple VR/AR.

FindVRporn: Why is that?

CzechVR: Apple should be this year and Apple can sell their products and have lots of loyal fans.

FindVRporn: When do you think you good folks will attempt 12K?

CzechVR: I don’t know. I’m more so keeping an eye on Apple VR/AR right now. I don’t think only about the 12k aspect… but also the size of the camera due to suitable positions. Why the need for 12k when the actor is 20cm from the camera?

FindVRporn: Yes, that’s a good point. I think FOV field of view is the thing that really needs to be improved. What do you think?

CzechVR: Yes, but players are default 180 or 360, not 220. Except Deovr and their iZugar lenses.

FindVRporn: There would have to be some new software?

CzechVR: We will see. I can’t answer this. We are not software developers.

FindVRporn: On a different note, since I have you here: I thought this new Vine solo scene was awesome. How popular is a scene like that compared to the others?

Model Vine performs in a solo scene for CzechVR

Model Vine performs in a solo scene for CzechVR. Vine, I love your ass.

CzechVR: Not much unfortunately. Most members want boy/girl.

FindVRporn: Will you ever do a scene that’s a B/G scene ultimately, but it starts with a woman trying on a series of different bikinis for the man. What they call “bikini haul.” And, then after she tries on the different bikinis it transitions into a B/G sex scene?

CzechVR: I think we did something like this already.

FindVRporn: Maybe I missed it. You folks have a lot of scenes. Anyway, thanks for the update.

CzechVR: When we have a finished rig with good 12K output, I’ll let you know.

FindVRporn: That sounds great. Have a good night, my friend.

CzechVR: You too. Talk soon. And, keep up the good work.

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