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Nicole Aniston Virtual Reality: Be The Boss!

James Find Naughty America 21 Comments

September 13, 2015

Nicole Aniston in Virtual Reality: Be the Boss

Nicole Aniston in Virtual Reality: Be the Boss

Okay, Naughty America’s first VR effort, Birthday Surprise with Nikki Benz, bounced my brain around like a lottery ball.

Naughty America’s 2nd VR porn release –  Nicole’s turn!

They made history with this one. On July 17, 2015, Naughty America unleashed their second effort: Be The Boss, featuring the Goddess Nicole Aniston. Nicole Aniston virtual reality: dreams do come true!

Now, maybe you don’t know how to experience virtual reality porn. No problem. Read: How To Use VR Porn.

The male stunt cock is Mr. Chad White. But, presently, the standard, virtual porn template is to leave the male actor’s face out of the filming. Thus, the idea is: YOU can pretend to be the cock. If you notice, the cover of the movie says, “Starring Nicole Aniston and YOU.”

As a side note, I’m looking forward to seeing some of these virtual porn scenes which do show both performers (as we generally have seen in conventional 2D porn: with the exception of POV). But, the trend for the 3D VR stuff has definitely been that almost all of it is POV. I have no doubt that the future will bring much more variety.

Anyway, here’s the thing about this film. Nicole Aniston has a BEAUTIFUL FACE.

Nicole Aniston beautiful face

Above is Nicole’s face and … love that face in VR!

Nicole Aniston's virtual panties

Nicole Aniston’s virtual panties

What a beauty!

I mean that. I mean…Nicole could have been a world-class fashion model. And, that’s where this particular movie really shines. (Though, it could have shined so much more!)

You see, there are some segments where Nicole’s face is right there in your face. Real close-ups on that gorgeous face! And, it’s crazy and thrilling to really feel like her 3 dimensional face is hovering just a few inches from yours! I swear…I find that more erotic than when some ho’s shoving her ass in the camera.

The boss plot in porn

Now, the movie has the typical sort of “boss plot,” and let’s face it…we don’t have goggles strapped to our heads here because we’re looking for Shakespearean plot twists. What we want is to masturbate while trying to simulate the experience of what fucking Nicki Aniston would be like. And, let’s face it…if you were fucking her, when you gave her an order, you know you’d call her Nicki.

For me, the standouts are, as mentioned, the facial close-ups. These are mainly in the beginning and ending of the movie. This is one is a definite winner. I actually give it ten out of ten stars. Seriously. Here are some screen caps.

Nicole Aniston Be The Boss Picture Gallery

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  1. Nicole is magnificent. You have any idea when some new Nicole VR porn is going to be released. Any chance that BaDoink can somehow do it?

  2. Post

    Hi Stuart, well…I agree that Nicole comes off very well in virtual reality. As far as BaDoink releasing her video, I think that’s pretty unlikely. But, you know…I think Naughty’s doing a pretty excellent job with it. Thanks for commenting.

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    Hi Walter, thank you kindly! I removed the spammy link you included. Hope you don’t mind sir! Merry Christmas! or, uh…Happy Thanksgiving…or, whatever holiday you’re into my good man.

  5. You might be living in a box on Mars if you don’t know about Nicole Aniston…I mean how awesome she is! Keep up the good writing! I’m off to yoga! Chow

  6. I really like your writing style. Why you writing about porn, though?

  7. Post

    Hi Gay, well…I’ll let you know when I figure that out… and, thanks.

  8. My fave part is the close-up on Nicole’s face!

  9. My only worry is that with this virtual stuff guys aren’t going to be able to perform in real life! In other words pretend that stuff gets popular and every guys jacking off with these super realism VR women models…then what happens in real life when the guy actually gets a girlfriend or even just a one night stand and the woman looks like… Well, she looks like a normal (nonpornstar) woman… I can picture the VR guys being so used to 3D realism of blonde beauty queens with huge jugs bouncing around (while they’re masterbating) that the experience some sexual dysfunction.

  10. Post
  11. Post

    Hi Pete, interesting comment. I’ve spent some time thinking about this also. And, I don’t think it’s a crazy concern. But, also consider that pornography (in some form) has existed for quite a while…so, your worry isn’t exactly a new one. I’ve seen some articles that echo your anxiety and argue that pornography, in general, can do this. And, I’m sure it can. Because, you’ll always have a group who goes overboard…enters into the territory of addiction…and all sorts of fucked-up shit results. And, no doubt, with the VR stuff, that same group won’t disappear.

    But, on the whole, I think that most men will enjoy it without it ruining their real life sexual experiences. Sure, though, there will be some who go way the fuck overboard. But, the same thing happens with video games, TV, internet, alcohol, weightlifting, stamp collecting, diets, heroin, Quaalude, US Magazine, studying the dictionary, playing classical piano and vitamins.

  12. Virtual Guy, “stamp collecting, diets, heroin, Quaalude, US Magazine, studying the dictionary, playing classical piano and vitamins.” lol, you’re a funny bastard virtual guy. about what you said, u know the cavemans were drawing crude porno drawings on the walls but their idea of VR porn was go grab a cavewoman, hit her over the head and um explore her cave if you know what i mean….but yea I haven’t seen this virtual shit yet but it makes me wonder like consider when i was in hi school you know…all we had was Playboy mag and that was hard to come by man! had to sneak that shit out from dads closet and had to really time it! now imagine a male at that stage of life could access an Okolus Riff or something and it’s all so real…at least you say it is! and what’s going to motivate that kid to sack up and go talk to the hot cheerleader gal because the guy is getting his horny satisfied in such a realism way so he will just be all video games + VR porn + junk food and why try to talk to hot girls or any girls because the jerking off is to satisfying with the VR

  13. Post

    Hi Mario, there’s a touch of genius in your idiocy. And, by “touch” I mean very miniscule…

  14. Post

    Harmony, I think I’d rather live in a box on… wait for it… Uranus.

  15. Great article! We are linking to this great post on our site.
    Keep up the good writing. Can’t wait until augmented reality enters the porn scene.
    But, I guess it’ll be a few more years for that.
    I’ve seen you mention Piper Perri.
    Well, give me Piper in…wait for it…augmented space.

  16. Post

    Hey Igor,

    What’s up brother man?
    Thank you for your support, sir!
    If only everyone linked as you do, Mr. Igor, but people these days are so damn scared
    that linking hurts rankings. As for me, I link to things I find interesting.
    And, about Piper…sure…I’d love to see a Piper VR for starters… I think that would make my … um… head explode.
    As for AR, well, I’m looking forward to…wait for it Iggy… Daisy Duke!

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    Well Mr. แชท Johnson, I gotta say, your brain is seeming a little brittle these days. The level of your blog comments can be frustrating to adults. And, finally… fuck off, good sir!

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  20. You fellas go on like such horndogs about how you want to penetrate Nicole Aniston! Listen to you pervs lol.

    Well, I’m a woman… or, as the author of this webblog website always says, “A gal.” And, a Goddamn fine gal at that! haha I notice the author says things like, “This is one Goddamn fine piece of gal women.” LOL! I love that.

    I’d love it if you guys said that about me! If my ass made your cocks horny! Should I post a pic???

    Anyway, I wanted you to know that you do have some female readers! I saw you joking on here and you said that any woman reading this must be an absolute mental case haha. I’m just an absolute horny case!

    I am sexually attracted to both men AND WOMEN! So, I’m watching hetero VR porns but for me it’s like LESBIAN PORN! haha did you ever think of that aspect. Maybe you ought to write something about that!

  21. Post

    Hey, fuck off, Susie. how ’bout it? And, Maple… you sound like a real headcase of a weirdo. Just my sort of gal! You crazy twat lol…

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