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The End Game of Sex Technology: Sex Robots?

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Early sex robot prototypes

Early sex robot prototypes

Now that VR sex has just entered the consumer market, one has to wonder about its end game.

We can be pretty certain about the very next baby steps. That’s easy to predict. I see the next two years going something like this:

  • The VR hardware technology remains conceptually the same, but it very quickly improves in quality. That’s to say, presently an early-adopter may be using an Homido headset with a HTC M9 Android phone: watching the early video efforts by BaDoink, Naughty America, etc. And, chances are his mind is pretty blown by the whole thing.Yet, after a few weeks, he begins to think things like: Nicole Aniston’s face doesn’t look crystal-clear in that close-up.

    I can see some imperfections in the medium. I wish the frame-rate was higher. Sure, this is immersive, but it could be more immersive.

    When I have a big field of vision set, there’s proportional distortion on her head when I look up. So, in the next two years, the viewing headsets and phones will certainly get better. We know that the Oculus Rift isn’t far from the mainstream consumer market.

    And, HTC, Samsung and God knows who else are also working on devices. So, we can be damn certain that the actual hardware is going to get better…and fast! The computers, phones and viewers will all create a smoother, more realistic visual experience…there’s no doubt about that!

  • On the video side, we can expect technological improvements in everything: video quality, frame rate and all of those technical aspects.Additionally, from a cinematography perspective, we can be damn certain that the content producers will become more skillful. I just watched the VR video Naughty America released this morning—starring Abella Danger—and, I can already see a huge jump in quality since their first release—the Nikki Benz one—which came out less than three months ago on July 2, 2015.

    So, no doubt about it: in the next two years, the hardware and videos are going to drastically and quickly improve in quality. I’d say, bet your life on that.

But, it raises the question: What is the end game of this—let’s call it—sex technology? At what point do we say, “Okay, we’ve now come as far as we can. Nothing more to do.”

So, this raises another question: What is the goal of the present-day virtual reality pornography? Is there a single answer?

Nicole Aniston bikini

Who needs an Oculus Rift? Just give me my Aniston clone!

At first glance, it seems easy to answer. If you go back a bit, you’ll see, at first, in the 1940s and so forth, men got off on sexy, pin-up postcards and the like. Then came Playboy. Then a slew of porn magazines followed. And, the excitement was two-dimensional imagery of beautiful women.

That was followed by two-dimensional video. Why was that more appealing?

I think because it better simulated a sex experience. And, the viewer, of course, used the pornography as a tool to imagine he was having a sexual experience with her.

So, what’s the constant desire?

The desire is for the tool (pornography) to better help the viewer imagine a sexual experience with an actual woman.

Right? It’s pretty basic…

In plain language, in most cases, the goal is to bring forth a better male masturbation tool.

Hey, I’m just telling it straight… sometimes it doesn’t sound pretty.

In even plainer language, men wack to porn. The better the porn, the better the wack.

And, VR comes along, and men, naturally, love it because it is a better masturbation tool than pictures and 2D video. It better creates the imaginative fantasy of being with a beautiful woman. And, one thing, of which I’m certain, is that VR porn is going to get incredibly popular…and soon!

But, what comes next?

What is the end game of all this?

It’s making tons of money, and it always will. You can be certain that as long as sex-simulation technology can improve, it will improve. And, it will make billions of dollars a year.

So, I was thinking about what could be the end point. Let’s imagine you could buy a Nicole Aniston sex robot that was virtually indistinguishable from the real-life Nicole Aniston. And, imagine that having sex with that robot was indistinguishable from having sex with Nicole Aniston.

In fact, let’s imagine that the Aniston robot was better. After all, she’s fully compliant, always ready and never complains. And, you don’t have to buy her things. Like ever.

Now, would that be the end point?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a Nicole Aniston robot in particular. I used her in the example because she’s such a beauty. But, for some others, they might have Megyn Kelly or Anita Blond or Angelina Jolie as their ideal. So…

I was watching a video called Uncanny Lover: Building A Sex Robot. I’ll embed it directly below:

One thing that’s clear is that these sex robots will be with us some day. And, that day is much closer than most people think. The VR porn that’s just now emerging into the mainstream is merely a transitional step to the sex robots.

But, the point is…when this is possible…and, it will be at some point…is there anywhere to go after that?

The sex robots of the future will essentially be human clones with mind-bending artificial intelligence. That’s got to be the end point, right?

I mean, all along isn’t this what we’ve been trying to achieve with picture porn, 2D video and now 3D VR? We’ve been trying to most closely simulate a particular sexual experience. Right?

So, how much more realistic can it get than a clone of the actual person?

The only nagging doubt I have, though, concerns augmented reality.

I do see a way that augmented reality changes the end game. That’s because it creates a different end. It’s no longer about simply trying to most-closely simulate an actual sexual experience. But, at this point, things truly get insane.

And, I mean: INSANE. More on this later.

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