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Be The Virtual Big Dick For Julia Ann

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Julia Ann Be The Big Dick Cover

Julia Ann wants you to Be The Big Dick! Just do that for Julia, okay?

Be The Big Dick Starring Jillian Janson and Julia Ann.

All right, let’s move along and consider the August 7, 2015 release of Naughty America’s fifth VR porn effort: it’s part of the My First Sex Teacher series called Be The Big Dick Starring Jillian Janson and Julia Ann.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with viewing virtual reality porn, it’s easy to learn how.

Okay, it would appear that Julia’s quickly becoming a star of this brand-new, virtual porn medium as she already starred in Be The Good Boy (review with pictures).

And, in what’s probably an overlooked detail, it would appear that this film’s stunt cock, Chad White, is the present VR King.

Julia Ann getting scientific

Julia Ann with Jillian Janson and Chad White in Be The Big Dick: released August 7, 2015

Chad White’s historical role?

Will history remember our dear Chad and his culturally-transformative role?

So, this movie follows the sex teacher, standard template.

MILF Julia Ann teaches little Jillian how to fuck

In this case, our sexy ole MILF Julia Ann teaches Jillian Janson how to service Chad’s oversized rocket. And, the parts where Jillian is VR close-up cowgirling create the overloading-immersive sensation of a girl-next-door Goddess bouncing on your lap: while being guided by Queen of Milfs Julia.

Things are getting crazy with holographic orgies on your bed featuring Pamela Anderson, Gillian Anderson, Daisy Duke and Piper Perri

Things are getting crazy with holographic orgies on your bed featuring Pamela Anderson, Gillian Anderson, Daisy Duke and Piper Perri

This whole sex teacher, pornographic arrangement got me thinking, though… we know that presently the peak of porn progress is VR: basically movies viewed through special headsets.

Now, as awesome as this is…in five years time, we’re going to laugh at its simplicity.

Remember dial-up Internet?

It wasn’t that long ago that minds were blown with dial-up Internet going 28 kb/s and dumb phones that let you make a phone call when you were out in the world.

So, I’ve speculated that this is leading to sex robots in augmented reality. And, I’ve mused about how awesome it’s going to be once I can finally take Daisy Duke out for an ice cream sundae.

Now, before we reach the sex robot stage, there will be other transitional phases including interactive holograph sex.

This, too, is a form of augmented reality which provides an accurate (though intangible) representation of any woman in your room. Now, this is where things get interesting.

Cowgirling Jillian style

Ride Jillian!

Because, in this future world, you can actually have Julia Ann on your bed teaching Jillian how to service…you!

And, that got me thinking…in this insane future, you could literally select any women from any stage of history to play the roles of teacher and student. So, who do you choose?

I’m thinking I want Gillian Anderson in the role of Agent Scully to teach an 18 year-old Daisy Duke how to ride my Corvette.

Always count on Julia Ann to lend a hand

Always count on Julia Ann to lend a hand

Or, what if the ingenue were a twenty-year-old Pamela Anderson…and, the teacher is a thirty-five-year-old Dana Scully, who pulls Pam’s red swimsuit to the side and guides her down on your happy staff for some Baywatch cowgirl while she instructs an eighteen-year-old Piper Perri who’s sitting on your face?

I think my cabeza would explode!

piper perri's face

Can we get Piper in VR?

Okay, so true to the other NA VR efforts, this one’s immersion puts you there. The technical, VR camera quality impressed me since their first movie, and it’s only getting better.

Technical changes coming soon to Naughty America VR 2015

I understand soon they’ll be moving up from a 30 frames per second to 60 fps. And, that supposedly will make things better yet. But, we’d probably be better off if I didn’t pretend to understand those sort of things.

Let’s just say this virtual technology is quickly advancing, and it will be interesting seeing where it ends up.

So, yea…Julia, Jillian and Chad. Watch it! When Jillian hits you with her virtual cowgirl, you’re going to have a hard time holding back.

VR porn tries to offer the best wanky-wank jack-off experience

And, Julia in VR is just ridiculously horny-inducing. She’ll make you want to self-service. And, then self-service again. That’s pretty plain-language, but let’s be straight with each other. The VR porn medium is about trying to create the most accurate simulation for the best wank experience.


I mean… that’s why fellas are getting out their credit cards. Just being honest here…

This movie, like the previous NA efforts, will get you strapping weird contraptions to your head as your reach for the lotion. Welcome to modern life.

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