Aletta Ocean cowgirl vr

BaDoinkVR’s Banging Brunettes Part 1

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Marta LaCroft face

Marta’s got herself a pretty face!

Kitana Lure face

Kitana…that’s one intriguing comrade!

Aletta Ocean's face

Aletta Ocean…just…sort of…captures the imagination!

Aletta Ocean cowgirl vr

Aletta Ocean cowgirl leaves a man breathless

Kitana Lure cowgirl in VR

And…the Kitana virtual cowgirl!

Marta LaCroft vr cowgirl

Marta! It’s your time to perform the ole cowgirl…

Okay, everybody. I’ve been discussing and recommending the virtual porn being produced by the Badoink VR boys for one simple reason: it rocks your existence at the speed of 60 frames per second.

And, you know, I’ve noticed that some of the BaDoinkVR girls don’t have the same American popularity as women from other studios, but I’ll tell you what…you show me a blond porno gal who’s hotter than Naomi Nevena. A lot of folks think they’re thinking their own thoughts…not realizing that it’s often the biggest marketing budget which defines tastes. Moving along…

I mentioned recently that I can promote anything I want on the Internet. So, naturally, I choose the things I like.

And, the VR porn of BaDoink is something I like: very easy to recommend. It works with Android smartphones (often referred to as Google Cardboard), iPhones, Samsung Gear and the Oculus Rift. Their work, for a while now, has been at these impressive, technical specifications: HQ – 1920×960@60fps. Not bad folks!!

If you’re new to the virtual sex landscape…this stuff can seem confusing. But, it’s really not so complicated. You can quickly get up to speed by reading our article about how to use VR porn on an Android or iPhone.

But, first things first…maybe you’re asking yourself, “What the hell is VR porn?”

…let me give a quick answer: You purchase a special headset, strap it on, press play… and there are suddenly beautiful, three-dimensional women before your eyes. VR stands for virtual reality. Virtual reality means: it’s not real, but it sure seems to be

All right, moving along. BaDoinkVR kicks ass, and you can check out some previous Badoink analysis here: A very special 360 degree porn, BaDoinkVR’s Blondes Part 1 and Angel Wicky’s pink bikini in virtual reality.

Okay, that’s enough of a preface. This isn’t the Goddamn Gettysburg Address here… we’re just talking about 3D porn!

Today, we’ll be discussing some of BaDoinkVR’s brunette, VR stars. You know, there’s just something about a skinny, big tit brunette who’s in-your-face-naked…virtual reality style. Blondes are great, but sometimes you want yourself some VR brunettes! Here’s the line-up: Marta LaCroft, Kitana Lure and Aletta Ocean.

Let’s do this thing…

Marta LaCroft VR

Marta LaCroft face

Marta LaCroft…face full of wonder

Okay, July 1, 2015 saw the release of Hard Day at the Office with Marta LaCroft. The movie runs 17 minutes. It’s HQ – 3480×2160@30fps: downloads available, like all their releases, for Oculus Rift, Gear VR and Smartphone.

And, the official description runs like this,

This busty secretary gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘hard day at the office’. She doesn’t know how to make coffee, or even how to properly book your appointments, but you only hired her for two titillating reasons…

Ha ha. These BaDoink boys got some copywriters all right! And, it is accurate that the first thing a guy (at least a normal one) is going to recognize about Ms. LaCroft are her glorious and inspired dual funbags! Yes, the Spanish starlet sparkles in VR as her very three-dimensional boobs bounce before your eyeballs.

Here are some more Marta screenshots for you:

Kitana Lure VR

Kitana Lure face

Kitana…that’s one intriguing comrade!

Maxing Out Kitana Lure was set loose on July 3, 2015. It’s HQ – 3480×2160@30fps. 16 minutes long, and as the story goes:

Your hot neighbor has just walked into the community gym, and she has her eye on you.

I’m in the gym all the time…and, Kitana, I need you to walk into my gym and proceed to fuck me! You bounce on me, and I’ll call you “my Russian Goddess.” Well, keep dreaming cowboy, but I can have ole Kitana in 3D VR whenever I feel like it.

And, that’s a good thing. Kitana’s got what I call that perfect gym body. That means she’s skinny, yet the girl’s still got some tits, hips and an ass on her.

And, how about some Kitana screen captures…

Aletta Ocean VR

Aletta Ocean's face

Aletta Ocean…just…sort of…captures the imagination!

On July 3, 2015 something wonderful happened as we were treated to 180 Degrees of Double D starring, the Hungarian beauty, Ms. Aletta Ocean.

As the story goes,

Take the seat of one lucky fan and get a 180 3D experience of Aletta Ocean like you’ve never seen her before.”

And, this truly is a lucky fan as the dark-haired knockout spins her tight ass around and bounces a raucous cowgirl reverso-style. How sweet it is!

Aletta’s a looker. This is one of those VR movies that you’ll revisit.

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