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There’s Something About Gina Gerson VR

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Gina Gerson virtual reality babysitter for BaDoink

Babysitter Gina Gerson coming to get you in VR!

Gina Gerson open mouth virtual reality sex

Gina Gerson’s passionate face right in your face

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Sexy Russian love Goddess


Gina Gerson gorgeous ass in an October 2015 BaDoinkVR release

Gina Gerson gorgeous ass in an October 2015 BaDoinkVR release

Gina Gerson reverse cowgirl vr

Gina Gerson reverso cowgirl: even her asshole’s cute as hell

Originally published October 10, 2015
Last updated March 1, 2021

September 10, 2015 BaDoink VR released a movie with a title that gets right to the point: The Baby-Sitter’s Cunt, starring the beautiful Gina Gerson

And, I’ve got to tell you…this may be my favorite VR yet (of any studio). Trust me: watch from 14:30 to 16:00 of this movie! This is a VR first. This movie’s got two things going for it: 1. Gina 2. How it was filmed. More on that in a bit.

And, of course, there’s the whole babysitter element. Something about that scenario—the concept of it—is understandably embedded in the male psyche. Some people are bothered by these truths…but, that doesn’t stop them from being true. Okay…

Now, everybody…VR (virtual reality) porn is just getting started, and trust me…it’s going to get HUGE! And, this is some action you want to get in on…But, you don’t know how? Don’t worry. It’s easy. Just read: How to use VR porn on an Android or iPhone.

Okay…first, a few words must be said about the adorable Gina Gerson. This girl is fucking cute! As hell! What’s the deal with her? Well, born Doris Ivy (that sounds like the made-up porn name and Gina Gerson sounds like the real name) in 1991, she switched-up her name a bit and is presently about twenty-four years old (though, she looks eighteen) and bouncing on virtual cock.

Gina puts in a rare and very-authentic feeling sexual performance in this movie. When she’s riding the male performer, the VR perspective gets mind-blowing. Her face appears to be right in yours.

And, I swear, you’ll think you’re feeling her hair brush against your face. This stuff is getting better and better…and, it’s getting crazy.

Gina’s Russian, which comes as little surprise, as for some reason, unknown to me, such an abundance of absolutely gorgeous, knock-out women hail from places like Russia, Hungary (where she resides), Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Poland and just about anything that falls into that Eastern European bloc.

And, I want to know…

Why is this?

How is this? I really want to know. And, I’ve noticed that BaDoink seems to gravitate towards these women in their selections. THIS IS A GOOD THING! So, if you’re thinking about which VR porn studio to subscribe to…and, if the young Eastern European gals get you going, BaDoink is for you.

Let’s consider, for a moment, a bunch of the BaDoinkVR gals and where they’re from:

  • Angel Wicky: Czech Republic
  • Timea Bella (aka Lucianna Karel): Slovakia
  • Kitana Lure: Russia
  • Naomi Nevena: Slovakia
  • Blanche Bradbury: Czech Republic
  • Aletta Ocean: Hungary
  • Christen Courtney: Hungary
  • Anita Bellini: Hungary
  • Paula Shy (aka Christy Charming): Czech Republic
  • Viktoria Daniels: Czech Republic

Noticing a pattern?

So, you can see, this isn’t in my mind. This isn’t a studio with a bunch of girls from California and the rest of America. This is also a reason why their women aren’t nearly as well-known with 100,000+ Twitter followers, etc. But, these skinny Eastern European women are fine! So much of success in life is just…you got it…marketing.

It’s interesting…in life…so much of how you fare depends upon the randomness of where you happen to be born. You take someone like Kate Upton…you know, a nice looking gal, but not all that! …and, the heffer’s got over two million followers on Twitter.

Okay, I’m getting a little off-track with those examples, though, because the idea is that it’s much easier for American porn performers to gain global popularity than European ones… And, BaDoink seems to focus on these Euro Goddesses… and, that’s a good thing!

All right, I could say A LOT more about this, but let’s move along with discussing the Gina Gerson VR at hand.

So, this movie, The Baby-Sitter’s Cunt is offered in three versions:

  1. Oculus Rift
    HQ – 2880×1440@60fps 4.31GB
  2. Gear VR
    HQ – 2880×1440@60fps 2.86GB
  3. Smartphone
    HQ – 1920×960@60fps 2.18GB

I did a quality test with this particular movie. I wanted to compare the difference between the Oculus Rift version and the smartphone one. I figured, hell, the Oculus version is twice as big. Let’s see. Now, mind you…this test is being performed on an HTC M8 Android phone with a Homido viewer. And, it won’t be long before the new tech makes this present set-up seem very unsophisticated, indeed. But, I tell you what…for now this boy’s happy. Damn happy with what he’s got! But, it does make me wonder what the experience is going to be like on an Oculus, Vive, Morpheus…or, the generation that’s coming after those. 2016 is going to be HUGE.

Okay, so I’m using the VR Player Android app (1.8.2) released by VimersiV to play the files. And, I guess not surprisingly, the 4 gig + Oculus file gave a crisper, more immersive experience. This ain’t to suggest that the smartphone version was chopped liver. But, the Oculus was more life-like. Additionally, it appears it rendered proportions a bit better also.

And, as I said in the beginning, this movie is a special accomplishment because there are sections in it which take virtual reality realism to a new level. This is particularly evident from 14:30 to 16:00 when Ms. Gerson is riding the lucky bastard. You’re going to feel like Gina’s on top of you. Nuts.

The filming techniques or equipment or whatever are getting crazy good because…it really does appear that Gina’s grinding your lap, leaning in…her face is hovering right above your face with her hair draping just above your eyes. Her mouth open in an O. A smile. A moan. Lip bite. Is it real or is it Memorex, damn it!

Like I said, no joke, Gina provides us with a really authentic-feeling sexual encounter here. None of the phony dramatics we’ve come to expect. With this work there’s just a whole different aesthetic guiding it. Other female performers—in the VR domain—would do well in watching how Gina handles this medium.

This stuff is starting to get nuts. A subscription is worth it for that minute-and-a-half with Gina alone. Mind blown. I’m going to post some pictures, but 2D pics don’t begin to convey the experience. Until I can get myself out to Russia to score a real-life Gina, I’ll take this. There’s something special about this one.

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