Naty Mellow sucks pink dildo

Miyuki and Naty Are Virtual Reality Strippers

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November 12, 2015

Well, friends, this is turning out to be an interesting week in the world of VR porn. Today we’re going to be taking a look at BaDoink’s latest offering: Stripper Auditions, starring Miyuki Son, Naty Mellow and an anonymous stunt cock.

Miyuki face

Hi there, Miyuki

Miyuki Son rides cock VR

Ride, Miyuki, ride!

Miyuki Son fingering

Miyuki Son fingers the doggy

Naty Mellow face

Hi there, young lady

Naty Mellow stripper audition

Naty Mellow strikes a pose

Naty Mellow dildo

Naty, what can you do with that thing?

Naty Mellow doggy BaDoinkVR

Naty, show us your doggy pose, please.

Naty Mellow stockings VR

Naty Mellow, love the stockings, babe

Naty Mellow sucks pink dildo

Naty Mellow’s got her fave lolly

Now, I think it’s becoming evident that there are particular templates—if you will—that best lend themselves to virtual sex. And, no doubt, BaDoink has struck solid gold here because the stripper audition set-up is most certainly one of those templates! Oh, this is rich. This digs right into a juicy recess in the man brain. No doubt about it.

So, let’s explore this Miyuki and Naty video…

The movie begins, in a strip club backroom setting, complete with the expected, cheesy music. I’m guessing most of my readers have spent some pathetic evenings stuffing dirty dollars into g-strings: to only exit with an idiotic feeling. Look. I’m not knocking strippers. I got nothing against them! As a matter of fact, if I were a beautiful woman, I’d whiten-up my teeth, paste a phony smile on my face and twirl from a pole myself!

So, in this movie, I like how BaDoinkVR—as they so often do—gets to the point. The movie opens and stripper Naty Mellow is charging down a little audition runway at you. We’re in some back area of the club. And, you’re the boss man. And, these gals want jobs. So, they better be spicy. Oh, what a dream job! This is the dream! I want to be the stipper-audition-judge-guy. And, what man doesn’t?

Oh, what a fine set-up…

Okay, Naty’s got on a transparent, hooker corset. And, she’s immediately up in your grill. Now, as I’ve discussed in other reviews, the BaDoink crew and writers vibe to their own

dildo. (Was that a good one? I was playing off the saying about “march to your own drummer.”) Generally, you don’t get big-name, American porn starlets. BaDoinkVR mostly features Euro and Asian beauties: lesser-known than their Americana counterparts. But, these gals are quite often just as sexy…and, horny-inspiring in a slightly more subtle, natural kind of way.

And, the accents. What is it about those Euro accents that triggers such a reflexive salute? Anyway, about different approaches…I don’t think one way is definitively better than the other. It just depends what the particular porn consumer is into. As for me, I am glad for variety.

So, Naty’s trying to get herself a stripper job, and she’s showing you her… um… resume. And, her hairless pootanannie, as far as I care, doesn’t really need any recommendations. She quickly slides a bright-pink dildo up her fun tunnel. Then she shows boss man what her doggy pose has to offer.

When I saw that glorious ass, I was thinking, “You’re hired, Ms. Mellow!” And, we also see her best feature, which is undoubtedly those tits. Oh, me oh my, all praise to the boobies that have got some size and also that pointy quality. Get, your safety goggles, boys! We’re going in! I remember when I was in high school, one of my friend’s moms had obviously pointy nipples beneath her blouse…and, geez…was that ever distracting. Anyway…

Next, lovely Miyuki Son struts down the runway. And, before you can say, “I can start tonight, sir,”…Ms. Son is bouncing up-and-down on boss man’s personal pole. The main positions offered are cowgirl and reverse. This is quite common in VR porns, and it makes sense how the cow style lends itself to virtual sex: particularly as most VR porns to date seem to have a very POV bias… This is fine and understandable. Though, I expect in the future we’ll also see the conventional porn perspective (meaning both performers in view) a bit more.

So, this movie checks in at about 13 minutes, which might seem slightly brief, but remember: there’s no filler, just action. As usual there’s a smartphone, Gear and Oculus version.

I tell you, it’s kind of my hope, as suggested earlier, that this stripper-audition set-up becomes a template that gets used. It’s really perfect for VR. And, it would also be nice to include some virtual lap dances in there.

Imagine, if it were done in a high-quality manner that accurately mimicked the real world lap dance experience. Additionally, I think the nurse scenario—as seen with Kagney Linn Karter yesterday—could also be reused. And, I also think Brazzer’s pornstar punishment genre would be ridiculously fun in VR.

So, that’s about it. This latest BaDoink is onto something. And, it will have a special appeal to porn fans who favor exotic starlets.

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