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Sandra Sweet Cat’s A Hot, Bohemian Bimbo

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December 22, 2015

Sandra Sweet Cat Czech VR dressed

Hi Sandra Sweet Cat

All right, friends, a new day is here.

And, we’ve got to say a few words about today’s Czech VR release entitled, simply-enough (or weirdly-enough), Sandra 2 aka Sweet Cat.

I’ll tell you right out-of-the-gate: this is good stuff, man!

I don’t care about their odd-naming scheme or extremely low-frills sets… actually, I like the minimalist sets: refreshing stuff!

Let’s see how Czech VR describes their stuff:
Sweet Cat is just what her name tells you. When she sits on your cock and starts riding it you’re in for a treat! … Join Czech VR and experience what happens when you combine virtual reality with hot Bohemian girls!
Hot, bohemian girls…I like the way that sounds! Where can I find me a bohemian girl of my very own. Do I need to go to Czechoslovakia?

All right, I need to settle down a bit. Okay, Deep breath. Okay. Let’s do this.

Sandra Sweet Cat thong

Oh, that red thong Euro ass!

Czech VR just materialized into the VR porn scene the other day: out-of-nowhere…like how those Star Trek transporter room people suddenly crystallize together.

And, Czech’s made quite an entrance. How? Well, for starters, they blasted-out ten, high-quality VRs in one voluminous, money shot: spackling headsets everywhere.

I mean…they came without a warning. This shit is brand new! They’ve only got 3 Twitter followers right now. Follow these guys! Trust me…if you like VR porn: you need to check out these Czechs! Get it… I said check out…never mind. Moving along…

Unlike the first efforts of other VR teams, the Czech boys had scaling correct from the get-go. I follow these things: and, the CzechVR boys are skipping through a pretty positive, Internet buzz right now. Now, there’s definitely room-for-improvement, and I’ll get to that… Because, I know they’re listening—at least on Oculus NSFW—and, if they follow some simple advice, they are going to be huge.

Sandra Sweet Cat Czech VR beauty ass

Sandra Sweet Cat Czech VR beauty ass

Okay, so today’s offering, Sandra 2 aka Sweet Cat, lacks both plot and context. Basically, you hit play, a young, blonde Czech gal appears. She pulls her skirt off, bends over and sticks her delightfully-round, Czech ass in your face.

So, the other day I wrote an article giving an overview of Czech VR’s blondes. And, brother…I liked what I discovered. And, here’s another gorgeous, unknown yellow-haired, Czech gal to add to that list. I tell you what…if Czech VR keeps this up: they’ll be setting the standard. I mean…I’m curious to see how things play out the next few months.

Sandra Sweet Cat reverse cowgirl

…gonna pull that blonde ponytail Sandra, baby

All right, so let’s analyze today’s effort a bit. As ya’ll know, there are three main factors I consider: 1. The performers. 2. The scaling. 3. Human and camera positioning. Here’s the—as the kids say—tldr: The first two: great. Third: needs adjustment. Btw, tldr—if you don’t know—stands for too long didn’t read. A lot of these kids don’t like to read, man!

Okay, let’s get cereal, I mean serious, here. The first prominent thing about these Czech VRs is an absolute, complete and utter lack of frills, pretense and artifice. Notice the toddler’s car seat on the shelf along with the budget stereo. This ain’t no Holly Hills mansion folks! I mean, the Czech boys don’t believe in frills, plot, dialogue, context or any other sort of artifice. They just believe in having a hot woman fuck in first-rate VR quality.

Just roll the camera, have a hot babe and get the scaling and camera aspects right: meaning… mostly close-ups that look correct…that’s all that has to be done! Just stick the camera lens close to the woman. It really is that simple!

Sandra Sweet Cat riding cock pic

Oh, Euro cowgirling!

So, going through the three factors… As far as the female performer: A+. She’s a lovely, Czech amateur: natural like a Euro snowfall across some mountain range with a strange name that I’d mispronounce. Oh, Sandra Sweet Cat, do I ever want to shove my spoon into your beef goulash.

Okay, the scaling: basically, spot-on. Many people have been impressed that they’re getting it immediately correct.

Sandra eats cum

Sandra Sweet Cat eats the yum yum

As for the positioning…ah, here’s the problem! You folks are showing too much of the man body/torso. We don’t want to see that! All you have to do is get the camera in closer. No elongated man torso! Have the Euro gal lean into the camera…more…and, by more: I mean… all the time, nonstop! And, just how you have to let a horse run… well, you’ve got to let a gal like Sandra fuck. Let her do more than cowgirl!

That’s it…that’s all you have to do. I’m expecting big things out of you guys…

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