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Czech VR Blondes Free VR Downloads 2018 and 2015

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Vittoria Dolce free download

Oh, Vittoria Dolce baby!
I love the blondeness and the pussy hair tan lines and the hippy hips and horny eyes and I need to download this free preview and wack… HARD!

Originally published December 2015 | Last updated a bit March 19, 2019

Note: if you’re looking for CzechVR previews, also see our video download sections for CzechVR Casting and CzechVR Fetish.

Okay everybody, farther down the page is some really interesting CVR info from 2015.

Actually, not everyone will find this as interesting as I do…but, some will. The main point of interest is how quickly VR porn progressed and changed over just a few years time.


Those have historical interest and are still horny in their own right: though, as mentioned, CzechVR’s abilities have come a long, long way since then.

So, let me pop in a new CzechVR 2018 blonde preview here at the top. A good one. Vittoria Dolce, my brothers! CVR 188! WOOT! Oh, Vittie baby!

Please note: You can access free video trailers of every CzechVR release through a direct visit.

Part of the function of a page like this is to point you in the right direction and also historical documentation of virtual porn’s beginnings and development.

Please note: 10/31/2018, as of now, it occurs to me that the article below was originally written just about three years ago.

CzechVR was just starting out at the time. I’m keeping the article for historical/documentation purposes. However, I’m removing the free video preview downloads because it’s no longer an accurate representation of their work.

Click here to access free previews of every CzechVR release. Thank you!

The original article follows


December 20, 2015

All right, friends, if you’re here reading…chances are you want videos of virtual reality blondes. And, seriously…what red-blooded man-fella doesn’t want a beautiful blonde’s boobies bouncing before his eyeballs in 3D space? I mean…what’s not to like?

Katy Rose cowgirl Czech VR

Oh, so horny! Katy baby!

So, bear with me for a second, and you’ll be informed about how to indulge yourself in this most-horny-inspiring blonde VR action. Now, we’ve already covered BaDoinkVR’s blonde gals along with Virtual Real Porn blondes.

Yes, folks…my bias is apparent…and, I ain’t ashamed of it!

I mean… Victoria Summers (nipples!), Kayla Green, Lynna Nilsson, Sicilia Model! (love the underrated Sicilia!), Blondie Fesser, Angel Wicky, Christie Stevens, Candee Licious, Athina!, dirty-blonde bad girl Eva Darling, hilarious beauty Kagney Linn Karter, Naomi Nevena, Blanche Bradbury, Christen Courtney, the perfect-droopy-titted blonde Carly Rae Summers… and the list goes on. At the moment, there’s not even a consumer VR device available in the mainstream market (eg. Best Buy)… and, there’s already a line-up of delightful blonde gals with whom a dude can get his VR on!

Nikki Dream virtual sex pic

Oh, Nikki baby!

And, it’s only getting better. Recently Czech VR made an enormous, horny splash of an entrance by—out of nowhere—dropping 10 VRs featuring Czech beauty amateur gals!

I mean…nobody really saw that coming…that’s the way the VR porn world is, it seems… KA POW: VR!! And, the CVR stuff is high-quality VR work that’s shot properly. That needs to be emphasized. The Czech boys have gotten the scaling/perspective correct right out-of-the-gate. Not an easy feat! I’ve seen other folks struggle to perfect this. Yes. This is a good development.

Now, I’ll be honest with you folks. I ain’t here to bs you. I’ll tell you: I want you to use my links to subscribe to Czech VR.

And, I’ll also tell you this: I don’t recommend things to my readers unless it’s a service that I like and am willing to spend my own money on. This is true. If I wouldn’t pay for it… I ain’t going to encourage you to. Period.

So, here’s the thing about Czech VR. You get all their amateur-Euro virtual sex movies. But, you also get all of their other porn. And, they’ve got a ton of 2D. Their divisions include Amateur Sex Teens, Czasting, Bitch Stop (great name!), Czech GFs, Lesbian Pickups and Gyno Violations. This is a lot of porn, folks!

They feature these sexy, basically-unknown, European amateurs that really get the man motor purring. Earlier today, I picked one of their amateur 2D vids sort-of-randomly. The first one I saw, Michaela 12 Miriama and Jean, was in the Amateur Sex Teens series, and this shit was nuts. These unknown Czech gals…no fame whatsoever…were gorgeous! And, the guy pounding them was fully-dressed with just his rocket poking out of his zipper hole.

Okay, but we’re going to focus on their VR porns: and, since they’ve already released a bunch, I decided to compile their blondes together in a post. Now, the Czech VR boys have an interesting naming-scheme: every model gets a name and then an aka name. I don’t quite understand this, but…who cares? So, here we go.

Czech VR Blonde #1: Sarka 5 aka Katy Rose

Sarka Katy Rose cowgirl

Sarka Katy Rose with incredibly elegant cowgirl

I’ll call her Katy, because…hey, if you don’t like the name Katy there’s something wrong with you! All right…Katy Rose starred in Czech VR 004, which runs about 15 minutes. Like all their videos, this one’s 3D, HD, 60 frames per second, binaural sound, etc. They offer downloads for Oculus Rift, Gear VR and Smartphones. I could summarize by saying I’ve watched all the Czech VRs and the quality is very good. Honestly, the quality is on par with Virtual Real Porn and BaDoink.

Katy’s video is short and to-the-point. No plot or bologna. You get a blonde gal suck job, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, sideways cowgirl and a handjob. The scaling is accurate. The blonde is hot. You get some moments of Katy’s big beautiful blonde face in your grill…and, those are the best moments. Shortcomings? Give us more positions and more close-ups. Verdict: Good stuff!

Czech VR Blonde #2: Eva 6 aka Roxy Black

All right, Roxy rocks it in Czech VR 007. I’m going to be honest with you folks. Roxy makes the impression of a sexy, tattoo-covered gal that you just want to grab and do nonstop for a few days. She’s got that quality…you know the one I mean…that look about her…that you just want to go nuts.

Roxy Black blowjob

Roxy loves suckin’ cock!

And, another good thing about Roxy’s first CzechVR outing is that she gives us one hell of a hooker blow job. Probably the best blowjob I’ve seen in VR. You know why? Because it’s obvious that Roxy absolutely loves to have a cock in her mouth. You just can’t fake that. You just want to reach down and grab the back of her dyed-blonde, head and jam her dirty mouth on your rocket and explode…

Roxy fucking

Roxy creative pussy use

Another great thing about this movie is the stud’s got her on a little table. And, while standing, he pumps her doggy and missionary. Roxy’s the type of gal that looks so natural and nice with her legs spread wide. You know how sometimes you’re fucking a gal and you have to push her spread-eagle. Not Roxy. Roxy’s the type of Czech strumpet who pushes herself spread eagle. The type of gal who’s not happy unless she’s getting it four or five times a day. Our kind of gal…

Czech VR Blonde #3: Tereza 13 aka Licky Lex

Licky Lex handjob

That’s a licky handjob

Ms. Licky Lex is our featured blonde in Czech VR 008. If you know me, then you know the first thing I’m going to say about Licky. That’s right: ENORMOUS NIPPLES! This is a good thing!

Ms. Lex sucks and fucks her way through her first VR in fine form. A nice bonus with this one is Licky getting pounded in missionary fashion. Licky’s the type of gal you want on her back with her legs spread. Let’s hope the Czech VR folks continue offering different sexual positions.

Licky Lex legs spread fucking

Keep your legs spread, Licky!

Czech VR Blonde #4: Karolina 3 aka Nikki Dream

Nikki Dream tits

Ms. Dream: your tits are gorgeous!

Ms. Dream is our final Czech VR blonde gal of the day. She stars in Czech VR 009, which runs about 13 minutes. Oh, Nikki baby, those pointy tits are a dream all right. And, I love the black-panty-tease that begins the video. Next time, camera man…close-up shot on the Czech camel toe. Mr. Camera Man, though, did a superb job of getting his lens up-close to that gorgeous blonde gal Czech face. Oh, Nikki… you got a pretty face, baby!

Oh, that face and those tits and that hair and those eyes and those nipples and natural, bouncy tits…oh, it’s obvious that Nikki’s another Czech VR gal that actually loves having a cock in her mouth. She needs it! OH, that ain’t an act. Oh, behold this skinny Euro babe with a fat ass! This is a good thing! You might be gathering that I like Nikki… a lot. I mean…those huge nipples and how her very-real tits bounce… yea…. that’s a good 13 minutes!

And, there’s not much more to say, except…

findvrporn recommends czechvr

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