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Tour of Henessy’s Booty

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December 28, 2015

All right, friends, another day is here. And, the BaDoink boys—as they promised—are releasing two new VRs a week until the New Year. This morning, we’re fortunate to have Henessy gracing our headsets. She’s the starlet of Tour of Booty: an 18 minute, rare in VR (and welcome!) solo effort: featuring Ms. Henessy doing things to her backdoor with a pink, cylindrical object.

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Henessy BaDoinkVR article header

Okay. So, this release, like all the BaDoinks, is available for Oculus, Gear and Smartphone. I’m reviewing the Smartphone version on an HTC M8 playing in a Homido headset. And, as to software, I switch between VR Player Pro and AAA VR Cinema. So, needless to say, if you’re using a different set-up: your fappage will probably vary. (Fappage instead of mileage…get it? I know, I’m not funny but… I just keep trying!) Anyway…

In these reviews, there are three main factors I consider.

1. The woman: an evaluation of her looks and performance-wise. This, of course, is intensely-subjective.
2. The scaling: do the proportions of things look right?
3. Human and camera positioning: Were there enough close-ups? Variety of sexual positions?

So, in this outing, we see the BaDoink boys opting for a simple, little plot.

Here is part of their synopsis:

“When serving your country, being far away from the object of your lust is pretty hard… your girl records a dirty video just for you…to show you what she’d like you to do to her…sticking a big dildo in her tight asshole.”

Okay. So, that puts this effort squarely into the Solo Anal VR genre. And, a thriving genre it is!

Now, Henessy is a fine-looking piece of young woman. Here are my first-impression, favorite things about her:

1. Straight, dark hair.
2. Skinny body.
3. Glorious, natural fun bags.
4. Tan line on her twat area.
5. And, oh…that accent! What is it about those Eastern Euro accents?

So, Henessy is a one-named, porn gal. And, I couldn’t find her Twitter.

A lot of porn fame to me seems rather arbitrary. Okay, enough of this, but the idea is that Henessy’s a nice-looking gal. I’m thinking she must be this Russian strumpet. Not sure. Hey, I’m not a professor of porn or anything, man!

The scaling of this movie was mostly good. Again, this will probably vary based upon your rig. But, all the movies reviewed on this website use the same rig, so there is consistency. I found the scaling problems to only occur at the frame’s top in some portions. This is often the case among all studios. I’m beginning to finally realize what I should have figured out months ago. Well, I’ve never watched a VR porn being shot, but I think I’m starting to better understand this.

You see, it’s now my feeling that a lot depends on the actual camera height-level. And, it seems to me—not sure about this—the camera is sometimes lower than it should be. I’ll have to give this more consideration. It’s also sort of hard to explain. And, all of these guys seem to be actively figuring this stuff out as they go along. There’s really no other way. But, for me, the scaling was good enough to be enjoyable. Though, as mentioned, I did find myself thinking, at a few points, that the camera should be a bit higher.

Okay, so it appears the BaDoink boys have been listening to the online chatter. These sort of solo efforts are very welcome. And, most importantly, it is obvious they made an intentional effort to close-the-distance between the camera and the woman. BRAVO! All content producers take note of this: because it is the approach that is going to succeed. It’s simple, really: get the camera close to the woman. I mean, it doesn’t seem that complicated!

And, the Badoink boys got it right. The camera was on Henessy like spandex on a Kardashian backside. Well, it wasn’t that tight, but I liked the simile. Seriously, though, things are on the right track. And, it’s wonderful to see BaDoink offering a solo/JOI movie. I do believe that this genre works very well in virtual reality. There were sections that could have been cut from this…as, in my opinion, is always the case.

But, from the 8 to 11 minute mark…the dildo action: good stuff! And, the camera positioning/level was spot-on. Additionally, from the 15 to 16 minute point: the on-her-side, dildo enthusiasm was well done.

Henessy did a fine job.

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