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Petra: This Side Of VR Magical

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January 26, 2016

Free Petra Solo VR preview
Free Petra Hardcore VR preview

Petra in black dress

Hi again, Petra!

All right, friends, it feels like just the other day the CzechVR boys gave us some solo Petra twiddle-diddle action. Well, what do you know … it was just the other day.

Well, that’s okay, because I’m digging this gal.

Oh, you dark-haired temptress!

All right, so if you click that link above, you’ll see I’ve already discussed Petra’s whole vibe in

Oh, Petra baby kissy face

Oh, Petra baby kissy face

considerable detail. I don’t imagine this Czechoslovakian beauty has much changed since yesterday.

So, I rarely use the word hardcore in these reviews, but I saw this movie described as hardcore… In the porn world, hardcore denotes you’ll see a vagina penetrated by an erect weenie. It seems to me this is the very essence of life. Well… I guess I already knew that life was hardcore. I mean… you been to the horse races lately, man!

Petra bra panties

Petra bra panties

There was a genre of music known as hardcore. There were bands like Minor Threat, and those bands played fast and screamed about things. The topics often included how the

government is government-like and how drugs are bad and how mint chocolate chip is the very best ice cream flavor. If Minor Threat were still around, I’m sure they’d be screaming about the badness of VR pornography.

Minor Threat

Why is Minor Threat in a VR porn blog? There’s no rules, man!

Anyway, let’s stay on track here!

So, sure… Petra’s fine, and, as mentioned, I already covered her yesterday. Let me put it like this. If you’re an adult male and you watch this VR and you don’t want to pound Petra’s pink palace with your pudwacker, I’d say there are two possibilities:

1. You’re gay.
2. You’re gay.

Now, when reviewing these VR porn movies, there are three main factors I consider. And, I try to remember this because you players always drag me into varied digressions! Okay, these are the factors:

1. The woman and her performance.
2. The virtual scaling: do things look right… immersive, as the kids say…
3. The positioning of the camera and woman: most agree that close-ups are where it’s at…

So, let’s talk about what was done right with this movie:

Petra Vr eye contact

Petra understands the importance of VR EYE CONTACT!

1. Petra: oh, you dark-haired, hump-dumpling.

2. The opening tease sequence: it’s clear Czech VR has been listening to our feedback. Excellent. Believe me, not many would complain if even more time was spent on this.

3. Petra’s face: she gets it close. And, what a pretty face. I like her. The female performer must put her face close to the camera if the VR is going to work. I don’t even consider that an opinion anymore. That’s just the way it is…



4. The upright cowgirl with some leaning-in from 7:11 to 8:00: the scaling, distance and perspective of this was bordering on the magical side of VR. (The cowgirl that begins at 9:23 would have been even better except the top of her head was cut-off for me)… But, overall I mean … very very well-done!

5. PETRA’S EYE CONTACT: I put that in all caps because that’s how great it made things: (especially during blowjob footage). When VR porns feature close-ups and eye contact they just rock! Arousing!

6. The distance: excellent.

So, what could have been improved with this VR?

1. As mentioned, the opening tease sequence was great, but it could have been longer.

2. Leave out the cowgirl leaning-back: The upright cowgirl was brilliant. When Petra leaned back, the magic vanished like rose petals in a windstorm.

Petra loves cum

Petra really loves yum yum!

3. Good work on close-ups of Petra’s face. There could have been even more. You know, some women have naturally good VR instincts: (this is too rarely discussed). Petra is one of them.

4. More sexual positions: sure, the video provided great cowgirl! But, how about seeing Petra missionary and doggy?

All right, folks, it’s now time for me to do something or other. Something besides this, Goddamn it!

That concludes this review of another excellent VR effort by the Czech boys.

I give them my highest recommendation.

And, all that’s left is your declaration:

I want Petra NAKED in 3D with MEEEEEE!!!!! #METOO!!

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