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Redhead VR In Your Face – Chelsy Sun Pics, Review, Preview

James Find Czech VR 2 Comments

February 8, 2016

All right, friends, today we’ll consider Czech VR 024, featuring Ms. Chelsy Sun. Now, this was released a day after their Vivien Fox VR. It seems some folks didn’t find Ms. Fox to be their cup of cocoa.

Chelsy Sun in a VR porn picture

Oh, Chelsy baby!

Thus, Czech quickly released another as a consolation.

On the one hand, this clearly suggests a smart company responsive to its customers. So, props. On the other, let’s face it… as the saying goes, “You can’t please all the fappers all of the time.”

I had noted, yesterday, that Ms. Fox was a departure from their typical gal: who’s quite young, lithe and… well, really young! But, nonetheless… I thought Vivien gave a horny performance.

Chelsy Sun horny picture

Chelsy Sun horny picture

We’re here to talk about the redhead babe Chelsy Sun. Oh, Chelsy baby, you’re most def a beauty!

Girl loves shoving that ass out! Trust me on that one!

Friends, Chelsy gives us an 8 minute solo gal overflowing with horniness. Like when you’re at Burger King, and you’re filling up your Coke… and, some sexy yoga pants is swishing by… and, next thing you know… You get the idea. Truly horny stuff.

I’m going to tell you folks something I recently figured out… I prefer solo gal VR to man-woman VR doinks. I really do. And, this also illustrates the stark difference between conventional 2D porn and VR. In 2D, I definitely would prefer man-gal boink-action.

Chelsy Sun jeans ass picture

Jeans shorts baby

However, in VR… these solo shows are just… dazzling. Kind of like waking-up in the alley behind the bar, opening your eyes to a blinding sunblast and feeling all around… wait for it… bedazzled…

Well, I’m leaving out the hangover part.

We’re going to discuss this movie’s strengths and weaknesses, but first: here are the three main factors used in reviewing VR porn on this website:

Chelsy Sun removes panties

Get those panties off!

1. The woman: you know… as the famous Russian saying goes, “A VR porn’s success all comes down to the woman.” I believe an obscure, drunk Russian writer first said this in 1814.

And, it’s true. You know, I don’t care how good the scaling and perspective is… I do not want to see a Rosie O’ lookalike shoving her face in the camera.

So, the gal gets evaluated upon her appearance, performance, authenticity and whatever else seems relevant: or not relevant… we riff over here folks!

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Or, does her head look like a Rosie O’Donnell that’s attached to a Piper Perri?

3. Positioning: of the woman and cameras. Are there enough close-ups? Close-ups are muy importante, folks!. CzechVR, generally, does a fine job with this.

All right, let’s take a peek at the Czech synopsis (lightly-edited):

“Here’s a treat for redhead lovers. Chelsy Sun entered our studio: we made her strip and play with that juicy pussy until it cum-gushed.”

Okay… as a redhead lover myself, that description sounds rather… titillating.
All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie:

Chelsy picture shows pussy

Oh, Chelsy… baby, baby, baby!

1. Chelsy Sun: look, this is one fine-looking, firehead of a slinky thang. She’s got all the qualities I like in a gal: pretty face, skinny, ass like a juicy hamburger, booby bouncers like McNuggets…

But, I’ll tell you where Ms. Sun really… wait for it… shined the brightest. Her work ethic! Oh, man. Did Ms. Sun ever tackle this assignment with intense enthusiasm. Almost a charming desperation, I’d say. Oh, man. This was unusual and even hard to put into words!

The viewer gets the feeling that he’s watching Ms. Sun audition for a solo VR gig. That’s what this video seems like. And, Ms. Sun gives the impression that she’s got a couple of starving kids at home. And, if she doesn’t get the gig, she’ll be out on the corner whoring and dancing for nickels!

Man, am I describing this in an understandable way? I guess the word is enthusiasm. Chelsy brought it!

Chelsy Sun ass

Oh, that Chelsy ass!

2. The scaling: it was on-point. Enough said. Czech VR almost always gets this right.

3. The camera level: I rarely talk about camera level, but it’s always an important factor that relates to what I generally call positioning.

What this VR did well was have Ms. Sun position her tulip at camera level. That, my friends, is Must See TV! I mean, she diddled that petunia right in my face, man! I mean, I could really see that petunia very realistically! I want your flower garden, baby!

4. The opening teasing on the bed: We love VR teasing. It’s that simple…

5. Pretty much everything. Very horny work.

What about this movie could have been improved?:

1. Fire crotch missing: that’s right. Chelsy’s pootanannie was shaved nearly-bald. And, while we all appreciate a tidy clam shell… the thing is… if you’re a gal with red hair, you MUST grow it.

Chelsy tit grab

Chelsy tit grab

2. More of Chelsy’s face: you’ll notice this is a reoccurring theme in these reviews. Look, Chelsy did stick that pretty face in the camera. Particularly at the end. I felt like I wanted the last minute of the movie to last for ten more. I’d say that’s a sign that Czech succeeded here, actually. We always want more face close-ups. That’s just how it is…

Chelsy pussy frig

Come back soon, Chelsy

3. More teasing: sure there was teasing… but, you know…

4. It’s rare that I criticize a VR for not being longer.

But, you know… this was some good enjoyable stuff, and let’s just say I’d be happy to see another solo from Chelsy.

I also really want to see Victoria Puppy in a solo bikini tease VR. Take note, Czech! You guys are doing a great job…

All things considered, Czech VR’s rocking it hard … and, I can in good conscience give them my highest recommendation.

And, now it’s your time to declare:

I wanna diddle Chelsy Sun’s twiddle!

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