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All right, friends, today we’re going to discuss Czech VR’s latest release: CVR 023, starring Ms. Vivien Fox. And, with release 023, we see the Czech boys are still on a roll.

Vivien Fox

Vivien Fox

In this latest movie, our favorite Eastern European band of merry perverts employs the same filming method, which once again strips the sexual realm of bogus artifice: leaving us with a deceptively simple—and, in truth, intensely artful—presentation of fundamental, human reality.

Let me rephrase things a bit.

Vivien Fox washes hands

It’s important to wash up before dildo-ing

Czech VR—it’s becoming apparent— is consistently doing things in the same, distinct way.

That’s to say: they skip unneeded narratives and just give the man mind what it wants. How?

Like so: Behold, this is a pootanannie in your face. There it is! Look at it! We’ve got a camera pressed up against the pink squiggly!

The source of human life. I mean… after all, that’s where the babies fall from. Somehow, we forget that.

We are not presented with a stranger’s mom’s sister’s friend encountering the pizza delivery boy. You press play. You get a room with a sink and toilet. A woman. Tits. Nipples. Bam! A 3D pussy in your viewfinder like a piece of pink bubblegum stuck to your nose.

You know, folks, I may not be explaining that well. You folks already know I ain’t Ernie Hemmingway. But, what I’m trying to say—in less elegant language—is that Czech VR drops all the bullshit… eliminating everything unessential to expose reality’s root.

First, let’s take a peek at Czech VR’s synopsis for this movie:

Big breasts and slutty looks are the main features you will notice when you look at our latest addition to your VR experience. This girl seems to know what she wants and enjoys teasing guys”

Viven Fox squeezes tits

Oh, those are some big ones!

Now, you may have noticed the very large quotation mark in the quotation above. Friends, I ain’t much of a web developer. But, I’m trying man. I’m trying to spice up the visual elements a bit. Or, is the big quotation mark stupid?


Vivien Fox holds her ass

Vivien grabs her money maker

You know, the Czech VR synopsis really nails it. More than usual. Vivien Fox looks like a big-tit, slut. The type of gal you meet in a bar. Drinks flowing. And, before you know it, you’re pumping her stand-up in a bathroom stall. Zip-up. Walk back to your waiting beer. Sure, it’s gotten a bit warm. But, damn… it tastes better than ever.

All right, so… let me quickly explain the three main factors considered when doing these reviews.

1. The woman: does she make a fella feel all stirred-up downstairs? Does she give an authentic-feeling performance?

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Or, does her head look like a blimp that’s attached to a pipe cleaner?

3. Positioning: of the woman and cameras. Are there enough close-ups? Close-ups are important. CzechVR has shown they understand this…

All right, so I’ve already touched upon Ms. Fox. She’d fall into the ever-popular, big tit MILF category. And, if you’re digging MILFs with bouncy bazoombas … look no further. Ms. Fox provided a solo, masturbation performance that was authentic. Horny gal…

Vivien bathtub dildo doggy

Vivien bathtub dildo doggy

Notice, I didn’t say that it felt authentic. No. It was authentic. It’s obvious that Vivien Fox often shoves big dildos in her private spots. She doesn’t need to be paid for it. And, one senses that an army of fellas have rammed their pool cues into her corner pocket.

She simply needs it. She’s the type of gal who needs a lot of cock. Being a boyfriend to a gal like this gets tiring… Fun, sure… but, tiring…

The scaling was on-point. Excellent. No more need be said. And, the positioning was superb. The best yet seen from Czech. I will expand on both points below.
All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie:

1. Vivien Fox: if MILFs is your thing, it seems likely you’ll be good with Vivien. If big tits are your thing, ditto. I’ve noticed that women like Naughty America’s Julia Ann are popular and referred to as big tit Milfs. Well, here’s another…

This big tit Milf VR is a departure for Czech, who seem to favor younger, skinny and wholesome-looking tarts like Victoria Puppy, Natalie Cherie and Zena Little: to name a few.

So, this is new. Now, for my part, I’m a bit biased towards the Victoria Puppy type; but, there ain’t no wrong or right with this.

Anyway, there’s an intangible quality to lust. That’s to say, there are some women you see… and, you just want them. Vivien Fox has that quality.

Vivien Fox teasing porn picture

Some opening teasing

2. The opening clothed teasing: this works very well in VR. I’ve discussed that a lot on this blog.

3. Vivien’s ass: that’s the type of ass a fella can grab a hold of…

4. The black high heels: there really ought to be a law that a pretty gal wears high heels… wait for it … always! That’s right. If you’re a good-looking woman, you don’t ever take them off.

5. The camera positioning: this was brilliant. The level and distance was perfect. It’s become clear how critical camera distance is to a VR’s success. The Czech boys have figured out the fine points of this…

6. Vivien’s positioning: the Czech boys positioned her perfectly.One great example is when they seated her ass on the white box and spread-eagled her: one high-heeled foot on the tub. She commenced to frig her petunia and dildo vigorously.

Vivien Fox spread wide pussy dildo

Spread ’em, Viv!

Again, the level and distance was so on-point. Czech VR: keep using this precise distance formula!

6. Vivien’s dildo doggy: excellent camera level and distance. Excellent ass.

What about this movie could have been improved?:

1. More close-ups on Vivien’s face. This is a reoccurring complaint that all the major studios hear from us.

2. The teasing section was long. It was good. It could have been even longer. Let’s see more panty-focused teasing. Trust me, the people want this.

Vivien pussy with red dildo pic

Ram that red dildo, baby!

3. I know these are solo gals, but I wouldn’t have minded if a man stud entered at the end and got all alpha on her.

4. It’d be so horny if one of these gals gave a bit of JOI dialogue. Even if it were in Czech or lousy English: that would be horny. Actually, if it were in broken English, I think that would be HORNIER!

All things considered, Czech VR’s rocking it hard … and, I can in good conscience give them my highest recommendation.

And, now it’s your time to declare:

I wanna dildo Vivien Fox!

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